Sell Brand Laptops: Hidden Tricks

Sell Brand Laptops Hidden TricksWhich of laptop brands is the most reliable? Do you still think of what kind of laptop is the best for you? How many times were you bound to choose a new laptop, according to your preferences? If you are a newcomer, it will be not easy to wade through the innumerable details - the choice is wide and the experience is more than poor. There are many companies that are ready to sell brand laptops at an attractive price, new or used, as you wish. The second-hand market counts more than hundred laptop models of all possible brands. Nevertheless, the price does not measure up the high standards. Though, choosing a laptop, it is recommended to choose a laptop brand first.

Analyzing analytics

Just a moment - let us learn the rate of laptop reliability according to their brands. The basic data was taken out of the USA service centers, analyzed and well-elaborated. The results speak that Samsung, Asus and Lenovo take a leading position in order of merit. Dell, Sony and Acer are at the bottom of the scheme. There is one more rate schedule, affirming that Asus, Toshiba and Sony are leaders, and Lenovo, Acer and HP - outsiders. Who is in the right?

Of course, the dates of these rates are different. So, the same brand can be the most reliable and the most failed every year. It can be simply explained - you cannot get any objective information, showing that Х brand is much better than Y brand. Asus and Apple, obviously, are always on the top of everything. The first of them is too expensive to buy it new; the second is just too expensive.

Two reasons that make laptops failed

If you have no reasons to sell your laptop, producer-companies can help you to find them! It is not about marketing strategies (new design, special features), but program facilities. It is not really difficult to make your laptop more powerful and easy-modernized. Sometimes, producers try to make you to buy new laptop models more often by means of their little technical tricks. Think about it before buying the next cool model.

The second important reason for your laptop to be out of order is established by consumers on their own. It is a true fact that you want to have more and more thin and easy laptops every year, but, at the same time, more powerful and productive. You do not think that it is not easy to cool the laptop processor and video chip in a confined space. Thus, the big part of laptop damages is caused by overheating.

Finishing the topic of laptop unreliability, it is necessary to admit that expensive machines are not long living. Speaking about overheating, it is mostly about budget models with the integrated video and weak processors.

These complicated selection criteria

To have an idea of what you are going to buy, you should learn first everything about laptops available class on the market proposals.


These are cheap and inefficient models, yielding their strong positions to tablets and ultrabooks. Actually, they are available to use for solving the simplest tasks.


The work in Chrome OS from Google is taken to be through the web interface and clouds data store. These machines work fast and cost cheap. There are several disadvantages - the list of tasks is limited with the internet access. One more question: are you ready to trust your personal information to Google? It is better to get answer this question before making a deal!

Entry-level laptops

It is not difficult to find them. They are bright, but low quality. These are machines of no-name brands. It is cheap, but not reliable.

Gamer laptops

Oh, these machines are the most expensive (the usual price for a brand gamer laptop is about $1700) and powerful. Nevertheless, they are underperformed to their desktop analogous. Sometimes, gamer laptops can be not long living, especially, if you are going to use it the year round.

Professional laptops

Professional laptops (mobile working stations) are close to gamer laptops by their powerful component details and high price. Nevertheless, they have more than serious design and video card, optimized not for DirectX, but for OpenGL, video and 3D-graphics processing.


These are standard laptops, but more thin, light (less than 2 kg) and elite. Of course, they are more delicate and expensive.

Budget (office) laptops

Oh, the choice of budget laptops is really wide. This is the best-selling class of laptops. Actually, the component parts are not strong, integrated video card. The machine is quite, available for all resource efficient tasks. As a rule, budget laptops are reliable.

Multimedia laptops

These laptops have stronger details than budget laptops have. They are noisy and overheating. It can happen that these laptops can be positioned as gamer machines. It is not true, but they give you an opportunity to play your favourite game with the minimum settings. You can also process video and photos on it. To buy this kind of laptop means wasting money.


These laptops are mostly touchtone. This is a new trend with the doubtful practical utility. They are heavy, thick, and mechanically damaged. It is better to use them to accentuate your image, than active usage. Nevertheless, the future pivots on them.

So, to buy or sell brand laptops, pay attention not to the brand name, but principal normal section and destination. If you think that all that was previously written is an old combination, this is a good reason to realize that your ultrabook is not available to use in transport, or your office laptop does not "spin out" of your new game. So, it is really silly to buy transformer for everyday routine work!

Finally, do not forget that laptop brand is not a guarantee of quality. Try to make your new laptop to be equipped with all necessary details - USB-connectors, WWAN-modem, Ethernet ports and others. Choosing a laptop, give your precedence to the newest models of the newest standards: wireless sensor network and low energy usage.

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