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Sell your used, old or broken laptop online!

You’ve got a beaten-up, broken or just old laptop or other computing device and don’t know how to get rid of it? There are a lot of services online that offer cash for it, in an easy and quick transaction. LaptopNuts is one of them. We don't like to disparage our competitors, but instead we offer additional perks such as variety of payment methods as well as convenience during shipping and device handling times at our recycling center shop.

Indeed, recycling computers is quite relevant topic nowadays. Gadget owners, replacing their old computer with newer ones, don’t really know what to do with the former old machines. It is quite difficult to find a reliable and trustworthy company online while getting the best money for your used laptop, desktop computers. Keep reading to see what we offer and why LaptopNuts is your best option for getting your personal computing device sold online.

With LaptopNuts you can recycle and sell any kind of laptops (old, used, broken) as well as other devices. Typically we buy all kind of consumer electronic gadgets. But, our main focus on the laptops, desktops and all-in-one's.

Please check out the select device type page as the starting point where you can select device you are looking to recycle for cash. We constantly upgrade and expand our devices database with newer models and manufacturers(makers).

List of devices that we buy and recycle for you (direct links):


More information about how to sell broken laptop online. Also check out our how to sell or recycle your laptop and other devices using online buyback service like us. Cash for used and broken laptops fast reliable service.

See where you can sell your old laptop

You have several options:


At the pawn shop, or online?

If you need money immediately, cashing your old laptop at pawn shop is one of your best options. Quick and pleasant transaction along with overall convenience comes at a cost of a price slightly below fair market value. The price would depend on the overall condition of the laptop (used, broken or old) as well as its model and release year, specifications.

Unlike pawn shop, LaptopNuts offers another alternative, for you to sell laptop online. It's not an instant money but reliable way to get cash for laptop with minimum efforts and hustle free. Get your online quote today and see how much your used laptop is worth!


Use online laptop buyback services.

There are online buyback services that buy used, old or broken laptops for various purposes including free recycling. Prices vary, but this is not the most lucrative option. If you looking to score top cashback on your laptop, consider using online/web service when selling your laptop online at the higher price.

Why using LaptopNuts laptop buyback service?


Sell it yourself online

This is a good option for someone who doesn't mind listing and selling laptop themselves. Obviously this comes at a cost of effort needed to list the laptop on a website like eBay or Amazon, but the return would be higher than what one would get from two previous options listed above.

If you are looking to get cash for laptop quickly then the fastest would be online trade-in/buyback services. LaptopNuts is one of the top laptop buyers and recyclers in the US. We buy old, used or any condition second hand laptops from people and businesses. Read more at our about us page.


At the computer service center.

They will usually assess cosmetic condition and perform an evaluation of the laptop and will offer you a price based on their profit margin guidelines. Obviously the value of old used laptops wouldn’t match the price you spent on the original purchase, but the convenience of just dropping by your laptop and instantly getting cash for it might compensate that gap. Especially if your laptop is malfunction or broken or very old.

If you are going to sell old laptop at LaptopNuts the cash offer will be much higher then anywhere else you can find online.

So, which of options for selling laptop is the best one?

The “best option” would depend on what is your preference. Would you prefer to get a higher price at a cost of additional efforts to list, sell and ship it yourself, or would you rather use a convenience of an online buying service like Laptop Nuts? Let’s be honest, checking and comparing prices at different stores and service centers is a time consuming task. If you value your time, it is better to use a laptop buying service considering that they usually offer a competitive price but obviously below what you would get selling it yourself.

The obvious winner is to sell laptop online at LaptopNuts, because once we get it you can kick back and wait to get paid!

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What is online laptop trade-in?

Most of the services and retail shops moved big chunk of their business online. Even banks heavily leverage Internet for their intricate transactions. The list of goods traded online by consumers and retailers include clothes, footwear, electronics, laptops, various gadgets and much more. Find bellow are some advantages of selling used laptop online.

What is the safest way is to sell my laptop?

The only option is to find the right online trade-in company. Trade-in your laptop at LaptopNuts to get highest value of your laptop.

Get cash for laptop now!
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    Higher returns than a pawn shop, service center or store would offer

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    Ability to complete the whole transaction from the comfort of your home avoiding traffic and long lines at retail shops

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    Convenient payment methods like PayPal, Venmo etc. that include instant transfers as well as old fashioned company check option.

Think of your safety when selling laptop online!

Trading online, whether it is selling or purchasing, involves both responsibility and risk. Flashy websites with stylish menus and gimmicky visuals, promising security and loyalty, don’t always live up to your expectations. As a result, you decide to conduct additional research about the reputation and rating of a particular online company. This is very different from traditional trade that we are all used to where transactions take place in person and prices are discussed on the spot.

Laptop Nuts is awarded a perfect five star rating as well as A+ score from Better Business Bureau. Thousands of customers chose to do business with us and to this day we haven't disappointed a single one of them. A long history of perfect business transactions speaks for itself!


Why should you trust LaptopNuts?

In comparison with other similar web services, our benefits are:


This is probably the most crucial part of the online trade. Not only our services and website are secured, but we are committed to protecting your personal information at every level. All the storage devices that come with your laptop are completely wiped to destroy and overwrite any existing data.

Quick assessment

Our receiving department processes all the incoming devcies on daily basis and evaluation is completed by the end of the day. So once the package with laptop or other gadget is received, you will hear from us by the end of the day at the most.

We offer top cash for your laptop.

Depending on the device's condition and release date, you will receive up to 80% of its original purchase price.

Immediate payment.

We don't like to make our customers wait. So once we receive the laptop, the payment will be made within 24 hours.

Shipping is on us

Yes, that's right, we take the responsibility for shipping. We provide a shipping label. Simply print out the shipping label, attach it to your package and drop it off at the nearest FedEx or UPS Office locations.


A proven record of customer satisfaction puts us way ahead of the competition by showing almost excellent ratings and helps new customers decide whether to do business with us. An overall feedback from customer reviews shows that people find Laptop Nuts as reliable, professional and trustworthy company. Mingled with convenience and quick turnaround, consumers prefer to stay with us. Give us a try, you will be glad you did!

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Sold my Thinkpad X1 carbon here. They provide free shipping, quick response to the phone and email. A place you can trust to sell used devices. Recommended!


Gainesville, FL, 32608

Great system here. Got a fair and accurate quote for my device, and shipping was covered. Once it arrived, they were communicative and thorough in assessing my device, and got me a fair value (and paid quickly!). Of all the similar services I researched, they offered the most value for my device. Would definitely use them again.

Janu Mendel

Miami, FL, 33136

I have traded in my PCs on more than one occasion with LaptopNutz. I will say that I'm GLAD and I can't emphasize enough how GLAD I am to have found LaptopNutz! Their service from communication, to promptness, is top-notch and they give you an excellent value for your trade-in whether it's a desktop or laptop.

Silver Spring

Silver Spring, MD, 20901

I recently sold my old Dell laptop to LaptopNuts. It was easy to follow their instructions on the website. LaptopNuts gave me a fair quote, and after I was able to print shipping label. I shipped my computer same day. And I received the quoted amount a few days later. LaptopNuts is a great company to recycle old gadgets, I defiantly would do business with them again.

Robert Dohough

Chicago, IL, 60602

We have had a few laptops that were not being used and got to find this business to sell them. Getting a quote online was easy and straight forward. The price they were willing to pay for the laptops were actually higher than a few other quotes we got from other online buyback recyclers. They sent me a prepaid label right away once I approved the price. We packed up our Sony laptops, shipped them, and a few days later received the payment with Google Pay. The whole process was super easy and support couldn’t have been more pleasant to work with. Definitely recommend!

Zoi & Matt

San Francisco, CA, 94104

Excellent customer service and I got a fair price for My Apple Laptop, I would absolutely sell them another one

Don Precarno

Portland, OR, 97201

They were great, so helpful and I feel that I got a great amount of money for my laptop ! I would definitely sell another device to them

Maddi craig

Fairmont, WV, 26554

Label printed, box shipped out. Arrived next day. I never heard from them. I emailed asking the status update. They said they sent me an email but I never received one. I accepted their offer and got a check by the end of the week. I recommend checking on them after the package is delivered.

Julia T

Milwaukee, WI, 53202

I have made contact on website and followed all the instructions for selling my used laptop. I filled in the instant quote and immediately received email with prepaid UPS shipping. I shipped my computer and after it was delivered I received the quoted amount to my PayPal account, it was same day computer arrived at their facility. Couldn't ask for anything better. I highly recommend LaptopNuts. Thanks.

Jacob Steelman

Denver, CO, 80212

Such an easy process selling my laptop. I received the prepaid UPS label on Wednesday and my laptop was delivered Wednesday the next week, received the quoted money in my account the same day. Will be referring LaptopNuts other people. Thank you guys and will certainty will use this service in the future.

Joseph Davilla

Lebanon, WI, 53047