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steps to sell my laptop


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Answer a few questions and get an instant price for your device.


Send your laptop, using pre-paid shipping label.


Get cash for your laptop on credit card or Internet wallet like PayPal.

sell your used,old or broken laptop online!

Do you have an old laptop? Don’t you know can you can get rid of it? Do you think your laptop is useless because it's old and beat up or broken? There are a lot of online laptop buyback services including laptopnuts, where you can recycle your laptop and get some hard cash money for it.

Indeed, selling laptop is quite relevant topic nowadays. A lot of laptop owners, buying new high tech laptops and don’t seem to know what to do with their old ones. It seems easy at first, but, in fact, it is quite hard to find really good competent laptop recycling company, which will your can sell your laptops or other gadgets and get paid decent cash in return.

see where you can sell your old laptop.

You do have several options:


at the pawn shop like LaptopNuts.com

If you need money as soon as possible cashing your laptop at pawn shop is probably the best variant for you. But, you should not expect a large amount of cash from the your laptop sell to them. The price mostly depends on conditions of a particular laptop and it is a fraction of the real trading market price.



There is some web online services which buy old, broken laptops for different recycling purposes. Consequently, they all often offer different prices for them (to up to 80% of original purchase price). You can also try to Sell your laptop online to reputable online buy back service like LaptopNuts.com


on special websites in the internet.

In this variant, usually, you specify the price that you want to get from the sale. The higher cash price you put, the fewer people will want to buy it and on the contrary.


at the service center.

They usually analyze the efficiency of a laptop and then announce price they are willing to pay for it. The prices of old used laptops always a lot less than newer ones.

So, which of all those options is the best one?

To define, which of the options is the best out there, it is better to think, which of those is the most suitable for you. If you are busy active person, you, probably, have no time to spend for running, checking from shop to shop, learning the price policy and getting free consultations. Surely, it will be great to use online services help in order to save your time and money. Being a good technician, you can take a crack at direct selling-buying procedure, offering your used PC for sale on eBay. Do you still trust pawn shops? – Go ahead! So, the question “Which selling method is the best?” will sound like “Which is the best for you?”

what are advantages of online trade?

A lot of shops, services, banks, and so on moved to the Internet. Daily, many people buy and sell clothes, shoes, technical gadgets and much more online. So, what are the advantages of selling used gadgets online and why a lot of people choose this way? The main advantages are:

  • Higher price than at a pawn shops or service centers.
  • Comfort. You don't have to go somewhere, waste your time, and maybe, pay money for the transport. And, of course, no queues.
  • Payment method selection. Some online services can pay you money in form of cash, on credit card or internet wallet.

Think of your safety, selling laptop online

Online trade is a big responsibility, though a big risk. Colored website with a stylish menu and interesting pictures and hot assurances of support and reliability is nothing more than electronic image. Consequently, you should try and then make a decision – to write them or wait. For those people, who prefer direct sales to professional cooperation, which is strange by itself, there is nothing better than adequate price and face-to-face meeting.

Why should you trust LaptopNuts?

In comparison with other similar services, our benefits are:

  • Quick assessment;
  • We will pay you top cash for your laptop (up to 80% of its purchase price what is almost impossible to get from selling it on your own);
  • You will get money immediately after we get your laptop (within 24 hours you will receive them on your account).

Comments of people, who have used particular service before, play an important role in making decisions. So, based on this, you can find out that people trust and satisfied with us. A lot of people have found LaptopNuts as honest, professional, reliable online company and don’t use any other web-sites. Maybe, you should trust us too!

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