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higher rate for > 2-year-old laptop than others
City/State/Zip: Portland/OR/97214
Model sold: Dell Inspiron 13 7348 Intel i5

They work as professionals. I get higher rate for > 2-year-old laptop than others. So, surprised.

City/State/Zip: Hollywood
Model sold: Lenovo

I got a pretty decent return on my broken Lenovo laptop. I'm very grateful. If it wasn't for laptopnuts, I probably would've gotten a lower offer from a different company.

byJerome Arrington
City/State/Zip: Los Angeles, CA 90002
Model sold: Toshiba Satellite L75D

I was glad that I found laptop nuts to recycle the laptop. My old laptop is only 10 years old and send to laptop nuts. I did receive $19.00 Check by mail today. Thanks very much. I am recommending to anyone to recycle their laptops. I will do that again in the future.

byGerard Gill
The recycling program Laptop Nuts offers is effortless on customer’s side.
City/State/Zip: Bakersfield, CA 93308
Model sold: Apple MacBook Pro A1707 Core i7

Last week, there was a flood in our town. I had to rescue whatever I could from my basement. Among the refugees, two old laptops of mine made it into salvation. Having no space in our house, each of the rescued items had two different fates: one is garbage another is salvation in a form of sale or recycling. Thankfully, the recycling program Laptop Nuts offers is effortless on customer’s side. I also received a check for $45 dollars. Considering I would have most likely thrown away those machines anyway, it’s a good little reward for my attempt to recycle and do some good for our planet.

byJohn R
To receive some cash for it was a pleasant surprise
City/State/Zip: Saint Augustine, FA 32092
Model sold: Dell Inspiron 13 7353 Intel i5

During winter, we usually clean up our garage and the attic in an attempt to get rid of the clutter. This year two laptops came out which my sons don’t use anymore. Just with an idea of recycling have I contacted LaptopNuts. To receive some cash for it was a pleasant surprise. Thanks.

byChristopher A
I was in a rush to get a cash and LaptopNuts didn’t disappoint us
City/State/Zip: Saint Louis, MO 63102
Model sold: Acer Aspire Nitro VN7-791

There is nothing more important than reliability and promptness when it comes to internet sales. I was in a rush to get a cash and LaptopNuts didn’t disappoint us, sending money to my wife’s paypal account within four days.

byGeorge Max
what you specified in the beginning gotta be true or you won’t get the exact amount
City/State/Zip: San Francisco, CA 94112
Model sold: Apple MacBook Air A1466 Core i7

Not to mislead anyone, but I have sent in a laptop worth $1000 dollars. The original quote was $979, however they adjusted that to $960 because I specified the wrong model. I admit that I did, but accidentally as I don’t know much about computers and technology in general. Nothing to complain about, but to let people know that they do adjust the original quote. So what you specified in the beginning gotta be true or you won’t get the exact amount!

byTracy Lynn Rogers
LaptopNuts transferred money to my paypal account - exactly as the quote stated
City/State/Zip: Detroit, MI, 48127
Model sold: Samsung NP930 Series

To receive a box with an inflated bubble chamber, sticky prepaid shipping label and a handful of bubble wrap is a true blessing. Because that was what I worried the most about when dealing with shipping during online sale. It took me exactly 5 minutes to pack my Laptop and drop it by the Fedex office which is next to the hair salon I work at. Obviously, being me, I couldn’t just forget about it and let it float out in the sea, I would check with them once daily and after my third call, they transferred money to my PayPal account - exactly as the quote stated. Trustworthy and reliable company.

byWashington S.
I get rid of the thing so pointlessly sitting on my shelf
City/State/Zip: Metairie, LA, 70003
Model sold: Sager Clevo Core i7 Based

I am not the one who praises people or businesses. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even expect to get anything for my HP laptop. They offered a shipping box, paid for the label and so I wasn’t responsible for anything. I just wanted to get rid of the thing so pointlessly sitting on my shelf.

I forgot about it once FedEx picked up the package, but two weeks later, without any notice, I am receiving a check in the mail which was enough to buy me and my lady nice romantic dinner. Thank you guys from Lauren as well by the way.

byJose Martinez
Nice laptop buyback I would use them again
City/State/Zip: Salt Lake City, UT 84114
Model sold: Alienware 17 R2 6th Gen

This is not your ordinary sale, but rather an arranged trade. Even though you receive money. I felt like it at least. It went well, no problems with shipping, no delays. Received my box and a label, packed it up and two weeks later money appear in my Paypal account. I would use them again.

byStephanie Summers
Got some money for old laptop, $87 not bad!
City/State/Zip: Alpharetta, GA, 30005
Model sold: Toshiba Portege R30

I am not a big fan of selling used stuff, so I was just looking for ways to recycle my old Mac. However, when LaptopNuts offered $87 for this 7 year old machine, which I knew would make at least some kind of use rather than being thrown away, I was blown away to be honest. I literally thought that there is nothing this computer could be used for except to collect dust on my counter-top and drain the power outlet. Thanks.

byJulia P
Very fast payment and nice buyback service
City/State/Zip: Bellevue, WA 98004
Model sold: HP EliteBook 820 G1 Core i3

I would absolutely come back if I ever have another laptop to sell. Very fast payment and just the whole things went by in a glimpse. I am very pleased with the ease of my first online sale.

byIrina Bogdan
Thanks LaptopNuts and enjoy my honest unbiased review
City/State/Zip: Lake City, FL, 32025
Model sold: Razer Blade Stealth 12.5 i7 7th Generation

Nothing comes easy with internet transactions and trades. At least for me. None of it your guys’ fault. But even though I had trouble receiving emails, the turnaround time was only 5 days, which to be honest was much quicker than I expected. The quote remained the same and I was happy how quickly money got transferred to my PayPal account. Thanks LaptopNuts and enjoy my honest unbiased review.

byJordan Tavernos
Well done guys, I will come back again to sell more laptops
City/State/Zip: Broomfield, CO, 80021
Model sold: Asus Flip TP510 Intel Core i7 laptop

I have to be honest by saying that this is my first time dealing with selling anything online. I was scared and didn’t know what I was doing. Luckily, the instructions on their “How To” page were clear and precise. I got a quote, packed my laptop in the box they provided and within a week, I was holding a check for $415. Not bad for an old, used and beaten up Asus laptop. The original quote was $430, but I forgot to mention that I don’t have an AC Power Adapter. Well done guys, I will come back again.

byVanessa L
LaptopNuts exceeded my expectations
City/State/Zip: Cinco Ranch, TX, 77494
Model sold: Lenovo IdeaPad 320 Intel Core i7

Well, first of all, let me say that these guys know what the hell they are doing. Perhaps the only company out there who do. I don’t got no problems with all this internet fuss going on, but I don’t like when people hide behind the screen and a keyboard and from that position try to low ball and diminish not only your stuff but you personally. LaptopNuts exceeded my expectations and once my kids are back from school, I am gonna tell them to save whatever they got on their computers and we’re packing that stuff for shipping. Thanks.

byLudwig Pirosi
LaptopNuts exceeded my expectations and once my kids are back from school
City/State/Zip: Minneapolis, MN, 55408
Model sold: Apple MacBook Air A1369 Core i5

This company is very very trustworthy. I spoke with Anton personally and can attest to the fact that this gentleman was honest and direct. He will not try to low ball you or anything sketchy along these lines. I am very satisfied with the amount I received for my Macbook and can now happily embark on my trip abroad. Thank you so much.

byKumar Alagiriswashy
use constantly whenever we need to dispose old laptops at my company
City/State/Zip: Aurora, OR 97002
Model sold: Lenovo IdeaPad 300 Intel Core i7 laptops

One resource I use constantly whenever we need to dispose old laptops at my company. Anton is very prompt and consistent with his payment. Your business is much appreciated.

byMelanie Schneider
I would recommend them for their honesty and outstanding business ethics
City/State/Zip: Charleston, SC, 29403
Model sold: Gateway NV52 Series

Being a single mom of four and working long nights, I can barely make it by, especially now when my oldest turned 18 and his father stopped paying his dues for child support. This month has been particularly tough, since I was behind on majority of my bills. I opened all the piggy banks  and looked for various ways to make cash. Searching through the garage, I found three laptops that my kids used in the summer camp. Quick google search brought me to LaptopNuts with their outstanding ratings. I was skeptical about the quick turnaround they so loudly advertise on their web site. To my surprise I was holding a check for $675 just four days later. I am not saying you would get you money so quick, but fortunately, my package got dispatched the same day and delivered within two days. I would recommend them for their honesty and outstanding business ethics.

bySteven Phillips
I received an amount equal to the original quote!
City/State/Zip: Alexander City, AL 35011
Model sold: HP EliteBook 840 G4 Core i7

My old HP was just sitting there and irritating my wife as she likes to keep belongings to a minimum in our house. I decided to sell it and picked laptop nuts. Without any disappointment and by means of their accurate quoting system, I received an amount equal to the original quote. Thanks.

byCameron Morgan
Great Experience!

I can be a very demanding and understanding customer. Your patience and professional communications made this transaction a great experience. Thank you again for the great customer service and handling all my emails and concerns. I had sent a piece out to another company before I sent you my laptop and received no payment at all from that other company and when I tried to email them the address was invalid, so I thought I had been scammed. I tried a different company email address they provided but there was no response until I got a generic email about two days ago addressed to everyone, "affected by a technical issue." I was please that your company was so professional, stayed in touch and relieved my worries every step of the way. Thank you again for making a busy day easier, and be well.

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