• 01

    How does it work?

    After completing our free online estimator you will receive an instant offer. If you accept the offer just fill out a simple form. We will email you a free a pre-paid return label and instructions. The shipping is free for you.

  • 02

    How do i ship my laptop?

    We will email you prepaid FedEx/UPS shipping label. You could get free shipping box at any grocery store like Costco, Walmart etc. Ask the associate to help you. Sometimes stores will have those on the side that people could get it without asking. Place your laptop and appropriate amount of padding in the box, attach the shipping label to the box, and drop it at ANY FedEx/UPS office.

  • 03

    Should i erase sensitive information that i have on my hard drive?

    All information you have stored on your laptop will be immediately erased. We format every hard drive when a laptop is disassembled and processed.

  • 04

    When will i get my money?

    We will mail your check the next business day after we receive your laptop. If you prefer PayPal transfer as a payment method, your funds will be transferred immediately.