How It Works

Selling your laptop online step by step

Looking complicated at first, selling your laptop online is as common these days as ordering uber eats while watching Sunday night football with your friends. This is just another side-effect of internet era. While all the intricate online steps can feel daunting, they will save you quite a bit of time in the end and you will certainly appreciate the comfort of online trade.

Below we will note the most common caveats to help you make the best decision in your case.

Sell your laptop to LaptopNuts for best price and fastest turnaround

If you have decided that it’s time to let go of your old beaten-up or broken laptop, check out what we can offer for your loyal friend. Our process is simple and straightforward. We have a quick 3-step process for determining an estimated amount of cash you can get for your old laptop.

We no longer offer the option for shipping box and inflated air chamber. Finally, agree to the “Terms of service” at the bottom of the page and hit “submit” button. You should see a confirmation page.

NOTE: Repeat the above steps if you have more than one laptop to sell.

Quick 3-step process for obtaining an instant quote

The video below shows how you can sell your laptop in a matter of minutes while getting highest cash for it.

  • 01

    On the main page of Laptop Nuts use the drop-down menu or the smart search-box feature to find your laptop’s model. Once done, hit continue button right below the smart search-box.

  • 02

    Specify your laptop’s cosmetic condition and answer a few simple questions. Indicate battery health, included components and accessories, issues with the screen such as cracks or dead pixels, or any other issues you know of.

  • 03

    Fill out the contact form. Include your name, email, phone number and mailing address. Select a shipping method. We recommend “E-mail me a prepaid label” option, as that would save you a couple of days in transaction time. Once you receive a prepaid label, simply print it out and attach to the packaged laptop. In case you need help packing your machine, check out the following video on how to properly pack your laptop:

More resources and help when selling a laptop to us

What to do after you get the label the email?

  • Print the label at home (if you have a printer)
  • Get any empty cardboard box that can fit your laptop
  • Remove the chamber from the box and place your laptop in there
  • Make sure it’s a snug fit. Add bubble wrap as needed.
  • Place the chamber in the box
  • Close the box and secure with a clear tape
  • Attach the prepaid shipping label
  • Drop it off at the nearest FedEx/UPS location
  • *If you dont have a printer, you can print your label at the FedEx UPS drop off side for free

If you can’t find your laptop’s model number, submit a custom quote or contact us and we will gladly assist you. It’s possible your model is too new or very rare and while we try to keep up to date with all the current models, sometimes it’s just not possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do we offer an instant quote?

    Uncertainty is widely employed in the sales world nowadays. Online trade isn’t an exception. It is used to delude or even deceive a potential seller as to the amount of money he will receive for his gadget. It’s our mission to make the process as transparent as possible by specifying the exact amount one will receive for his laptop. Once we receive the machine and verify that all the provided information is accurate and reflects the condition of the laptop exactly as stated at the time of quote submission, we will issue the check (or PayPal payment) in the exact amount as stated in the quote – no hidden fees here!

  • Why are you asked to specify your laptop’s condition?

    While we are mostly concerned with the functionality, cosmetic condition is as critical. To avoid any misunderstandings, we prefer to find out as much information as possible ahead of time. Such factors as battery health, original AC adapter and laptop’s age are all critical in estimating the value of a laptop. We try our best to collect this crucial information early in the process so that we won’t have to adjust the initial quote amount later.

    To evaluate your laptop’s value accurately, we ask those questions that are in direct correlation to its perceived value on both the retail market as well as for parts.

  • What is your phone number used for and why do we need it?

    We ask for your email and phone number merely as means of contacting you. Our data is highly secured and we use best industry practices to protect it. We don’t share your information and will never use it to market any products or services. However, emails, though popular means of communications in this era, often delay the interaction between us. In case we need to contact you quickly and email medium is not presenting this opportunity, old proven way of communicating over the phone might come handy.

  • How do I find out my battery health?

    The short answer is It Depends! Specifically on your brand. Various manufacturers display this information in different places in BIOS. It’s usually in the general information tab in BIOS. To access your BIOS, follow these steps:

    • restart your computer
    • immediately start tapping one of the most common keys Esc, Del, F1, F2 or F10 repeatedly
    • once in BIOS, look for general tab and battery information. You should be able to see battery health as well as total number of cycles it went through during its lifetime.

    You could also check the battery health within windows by generating the battery’s energy report. This article provides more detailed instructions.

  • How soon will you receive your money?

    Short answer is from three days up to a week.

    Let’s do the math together. Let’s say we quote you certain amount and you agree to it by submitting your information today. From here there are two ways.

    You chose “prepaid shipping label over email”

    That’s the option we recommend, because you could print out the shipping label straight from your mailbox. Make sure to use enough padding and a box of appropriate dimensions for a snug fit. Attach the label and drop it off at the nearest FedEx location.

    Once we receive your laptop in the mail

    It might take another day for it to reach our technician depending on the volume of orders. The evaluation is usually done the same day the technician receives the laptop. He will then assess the laptop and send out an evaluation report, nudging our accounting to issue a check or initiate a PayPal transfer of funds depending on which option you chose.

    So far we have a day for submitting a quote, receiving a prepaid shipping label over email, packing your laptop and shipping it out. Two to three days for us to receive it and another one for evaluation and payment processing, making a total of 3-4 days.

  • What payment methods do we offer?

    We offer PayPal, which is an instant way to get paid an involved no fees on your part. Another option is company check which takes two to three days to arrive in mail.

  • Why do we use FedEx as our primary carrier?

    We have a long history of successful and pleasant transactions with FedEx. They have been reliable with delivering our packages and their office locations are widely available throughout the country making it convenient for us and our customers. Most of the packages are delivered within two to three days with FedEx’s ground shipping option.

  • Why do we provide a prepaid shipping label?

    We want to take as much burden involved with shipping on our shoulders, minimizing the hassle for our customers. Prepaid shipping label is an easy way for our customers to ship their laptops while avoiding standing in lines and writing out recipient’s address on the package, let alone paying for shipping.

  • Do we still offer a shipping box along with a prepaid shipping label?

    No, we dont offer the prepaid boxes anymore, since they avalible in by any store or shipping drop off location. Let us know if you still having trouble getting the box for your gadgets.