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Do you want to sell Samsung laptop and don’t know the right price for it? The review from this article will help to understand what the real price for Samsung devices is and how much money you can get from your old laptop.

Why Samsung?

Samsung, one of the largest laptop manufacturers, remains innovative despite being an affordable option. The Samsung ATIV line lists some of the best Samsung laptops with features such as a 3200 x 1800-pixel touch screen, ultra lightweight design, and an 9-hour battery life. The Samsung Chromebooks are a less pricey offering and ideal for those that prefer Linux-based operating systems.

The entry-level and mid-range Samsung laptops are easy on the wallet and carry the guarantee of the brand’s name. When listing the top five manufacturers of premium laptops today, it easy to place Samsung in the top. For quite a while now, Samsung has been consistent with its beautiful and well-built ultrabooks. As expected however, buying one will leave a dent on your wallet and value for the money is probably seen by users, who are more keen on design than on performance.

Also, Samsung has a delightful line of Chromebooks that compromises a little on looks and a bit more on performance to keep prices conveniently affordable. If you are on the hunt for a Samsung laptop, you can thank your lucky stars! If you want to sell Samsung laptop, learn about the brand advantages first. So, to the point, Samsung is a group of products with varied design, functionality and prices in a bid to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for.

Samsung Advantages


With so much focus on its phones, it's easy to forget that Samsung also makes laptops. And sometimes it feels like Samsung forgot as well - especially when you look at the latest models. First off, Samsung's only gaming laptop is made of plastic and has an off-putting, nondescript white symbol at the center of the lid. Samsung doubled down on the weird with the touchpad, surrounding it with an LED-lit parallelogram that has no purpose outside of aesthetics.

Support and Warranty

Samsung's tech support agents offered helpful, correct (or at least mostly right) answers to every question you asked when you called them up for our annual Tech Support Showdown. The hands working its social media and live chat accounts also did a fine job of handling our queries.

The neat thing about Samsung's warranty program is that its 12-month service window is a bare minimum, so certain laptops will get even more, with up to 36 months of coverage. If you need to send your product in for service, you may need to pay for shipping. However, Samsung says that, "in certain cases," it will provide free shipping


Of course, the company has brought some innovation to the laptop construction the latest years. For example, in the Notebook 9 Pen and Notebook 9 Pro, you finally got the excellent S Pen stylus on laptops, and Samsung added in Air Command for Windows, to boot. What else can you expect?

The Notebook 9 Pro had a Radeon GPU, adding a workstation to diversify its mix. And while the Notebook Odyssey felt cheap, it got Samsung back into gaming, added new software in the Odyssey Control Center and a new heating system. And this is not a limit for innovations!

Value and Selection

Samsung doesn’t offer a very wide variety of notebooks. Its cheap option is its $179 Samsung Chromebook 3, but the notebooks in the majority of the rest of its lineup are either the clamshell or 2-in-1 version of its Notebook 9, which is a bland computer that you can find to be overpriced in several iterations. If you prefer a detachable tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Book is for you, but it costs almost $1,300 or even more.

Want to Sell Samsung Laptop?

Of course, the price of your laptop much depends on its working condition and what it has inside. Whether your device has an Intel or AMD internal processor, comes with a built-in webcam or is in poor/non-working condition, you can sell your Samsung laptop for a competitive price. When it really comes to selling laptops, you should realize that Samsung creates, produces and manufactures some of the best gadgets  for business and leisure. You cannot get exactly what it is worth, but you still can get much. Trading with professional team, you may simple the procedure of trade a lot.

How to Sell Samsung Laptop?

First, find a good reliable trade company that is ready to buy your old gadget online. Of course, you may try to sell it from Amazon or something, but there is no guarantee to get real money for it fast. So, enter the make and model of your Samsung laptop and let company offer you a quote. This is the maximum amount that they’d be prepared to buy your laptop at, but the full amount will be confirmed when they’ve carried out the inspection to confirm that the details you submit on their site are accurate.

Although the prices that the company can offer on their website when you sell your Samsung laptop change on a daily basis, they are able to hold quotes for up to 14 days after you have confirmed the sale.

There’s no need to worry about whether or not your personal information is kept private when you send them your old Samsung laptop and this is very important! Company technical experts carry out a total wipe-out of your hard drive to ensure that your sensitive and personal information is permanently destroyed and kept away from falling into the wrong hands.

Simply, the procedure looks like this:

Choose your brand for a quote

Choose your processor

Condition & functionality

Company sends you a free postage label within 24hrs

Can I sell my old Samsung laptop? and How do I start the process to sell my used Samsung laptop? are just two of the questions that the experts can answer. To find out more, get in touch with the team and let them help you turn your old gadgets into cash.

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