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When you decided to buy laptops, new or used, there are two names that differs from the rest of others: Dell and HP. Both of these are remarkable at making laptops that are renowned for their high quality and high productivity. A lot of people have difficulty choosing between the two brands. Especially if they want to buy something as good as Apple but not so expensive. This is also your chance to sell HP laptop later on, if you don’t need it anymore. There are a number of ways in which you can differentiate between the two and make a choice that suits you the most.


As compared to HP laptops Dell laptops are comparatively cheaper. So if you are on a limited budget and require a really high quality laptop, you should consider looking in to the Dell range for one. Dell sells their laptop directly from their specialized vendor. But HP laptops are mostly sold from a dedicated retailer. This eventually ends up making HP laptops far more costly than Dell. As a rule the price and quality play the most important role for buying.

If you have questions about the laptop quality or something, HP has a very informative websites. If you do not mind reading their blog posts or forums when you are faced with a troublesome situation. You will find the HP websites are just as good as Dells customer service. It’s a very comprehensive website that has blogs, relating to just about any problem that you could encounter when you are using their laptops. If you do not find your issue’s solution in those blogs then feel free to post it on the website. And some HP official or another techno genius will answer you soon.

Sell HP Laptop

Look! You're just a few clicks away from selling or recycling your old laptops. The process is quick and easy, if your old equipment has remaining value there are many professional platforms where you can get cash back for your old laptop, and if the gear has no value you are provided the option to recycle it for free. Either way our processes are secure and easy to use.

Get a quote

Enter information about your product to obtain an instant Buyback quote. Upon completing the online quote process, you will receive an email confirmation which contains your Quote Number. You will need this Quote Number for future communications with the service about the status of your transaction. If your product has no Buyback value, you are given the option to Recycle.

Shipping instructions

Shipping instructions for your product will be sent via email within one business day after the online quote process has been completed. It is important to use the shipping label(s) provided as it used to expedite tracking, identification and processing. You will have about 30 days from the receipt of your shipping label to ship your Buyback product(s). Also your transaction will be null and void and you will need to begin the quote process again.

Buyback Check or Recycling Confirmation

For the Buyback Option, completion of your claim includes the receipt and inspection of your product. You are given three options for payment of your Buyback amount: cash back check, HP gift card, or donate the Buyback amount to an HP approved charity. Just chose one of them. Please allow 45 days from the time your Buyback claim is complete for receipt of your cash back check. If you have not received your cash back check after this time, you should contact the customer service.

Payment Options

You are given three options for payment of your Buyback amount: cash back check, HP gift card, or donate the Buyback amount to an HP approved charity that was mentioned below.

Cash back check: This option will provide you the buyback amount in the form of check. And that will mailed via Postal Service to the address mentioned in your transaction.

HP gift card: Selecting an HP gift card will provide you with a gift card that can be used at Gift cards are also mailed via Postal Service.

Donation: You may also donate the value of your buyback to charity. There is always a number of charity funds and organizations you can choose from. Upon completion of the donation you will be provided with a receipt that may be used as proof of your donation.

The product in question must be received, inspected, and approved as sellable by the service you are trade to. After you select the payment option and completed the review of your product, you will receive the donation information to the address provided in your registration form. All checks are mailed via U.S. Postal Service to the address designated in your transaction. Please allow 45 days from the time your buyback claim is complete for receipt of payment. If you need assistance, please contact customer service.

Donate your value

The HP Consumer Buyback and different Partners Recycling Programs provide the option of donating your buyback amount to HP approved charities. Truist provides PCI Compliant technology services that collect funds, distribute donations, and support receipting of donations to charities. The Truist Comprehensive and Processing Distribution Service is an effective solution with an emphasis on donor detail and acknowledgment and appreciation notifications from charities for donations. Truist ensures that each charity selected by donors is reviewed to meet the guidelines of 501(c)3 and USA Patriot Act compliance. This fosters the donors' confidence that their selected charity is eligible to receive contributions.

There is always a list of charities you can choose from. Upon completion of the donation you will be provided with a receipt. It may be used as proof of your donation. You can find the names of the charities that are working closely with HP with this great donation option from the HP webpage. Click on their logo to see if there is value in your old products you can donate today! As you can see, you can always sell HP laptop or use it in different way to be useful for humanity.

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