Question About Laminate Floor Products

What are laminate floor products made of? Laminated board looks like a layer-cake. The upper protected layer is made of special high-test coat, based on acryl and melamine. The next decorator layers are specially processed and permeated paper or foil, imitating wood. If you cannot choose right flooring for your house, it is better to read information in this article to decide what is better laminate or linoleum.

What Can be Better than Laminate Floor Products?

Is laminate good for your apartment? You can fund much different information on this topic. This kind of flooring was many times criticized for it is cold, delicate and unnatural features. Nevertheless, modern laminate is good. The latest laminated products are strong and long wearing. They are characterized with big number of useful technical features. The floor is strong and water resistant. The laminated floor is also used to cover special accommodations, like car salons, air ports, supermarkets.

Do you think that laminated floor is unnatural? That is not true. Look at it! The product is certified and approved, made of natural materials and newest technologies. There are many laminated manufacturers that are proud of their high class products and sound absorption. In addition to all positive features, manufacturers add more characteristics: antistatic, anti-fungal and antiallergenic effects. Laminated floor are widely used for kindergartens, schools and hospitals.

Laminated Floor VS Wooden Parquet

Do you think that wooden parquet is better than laminated parquet? This is a hot question for discussion. The key characteristic of parquet board is naturalness and ecological compatibility. Look at the latest laminate inventions! They are natural! Besides, ecological characteristics are also high. Comparing parquet and laminate is longevity, antistatic and flexibility in application. There is only one conclusion. Obviously, laminated floor differs from wooden parquet mostly in price.

Use Google search to answer the question: What to choose parquet or laminate? Reading feedbacks, you can understand that opinions differ. Parquet followers affirm that wooden parquet is much better than laminated covering. They speak about the parquet technical characteristics: it is natural, clean, long live and easy to restore if needed. The laminated floor followers affirm that it has many pluses: functionality, usefulness, high resistant to mechanical and chemical influence, loyal price. So, the factual conclusion is obvious: there is not answer the question which of two worthy coverings is better. Each of them has its own pluses and minuses. Thus, you have to choose in your own right.

Selecting Laminate Color

It is no secret that right color can change the mood of your house or office. Because if you have chosen wrong color, your house looks strange and uncomfortable. What is more, it is not pleasant to live and work there. If you are interested in choosing that particular color for your floor, read this. You room will be impressive to make pleasant waves.

To choose a color for you laminate floor you should come out of the house general concept. What do you expect? For example, if your room is done in calm dark colors, your laminated floor must be in accord with the room style.  If the room is light and warm, the floor must be also light. This concept can be explained with aesthetic theory. Of course, you can make experiments and add more contrasts.

If you want to make your room light, this is the position to use pale colors. It makes your room visual bigger and lighter, reflecting lights. Remember that light colors look cold. So, be careful.

There is an advice to choose the color for your laminated floor to be corresponded to your furniture color. You can make your floor more effect, choosing the tone or two lighter than your furniture color.

Pay attention to your house colors. May be, you should choose laminate to be tone lighter or darker to make it more impressive but balanced with the rest rooms of the house.

Finally, you can use neutral colors for laminate floor products. They suit to all sorts of furniture, wall covering and attractive for general concept of your house. They are light yellow, olive and beige.

Cleaning Laminate Floor

Laminate floor products are considered to be the best selling kind of floor coverings. Laminate is ecologically clean, beautiful and strong material. There is a question: How to clean laminated covering in the best way to protect it from damages? There are also many rules and advices about this fact. They can help to make your laminated floor live long.

Laminated floor is easy to clean. Nevertheless, you must be careful and read the manufacturer’s guide to prevent it from damages. There is always a concrete instruction, speaking about pollutions and methods to remove them.

To make your floor attractive and high quality for years, there must be exploitation temperature of 18-25 degrees and wetness of 70%. As you understand, the natural wooden components do not like cold temperature or high wetness.

Buy chemicals to clean laminated floor just in the specialized shops.

Your floor can be cracked with sand and dust. So, step on the door carpet before coming.

Follow some advice...

As you know, laminated floor is water resistant. Nevertheless, do not use wax and other polishing materials to clean the floor. It is better to use dry cleaning with special vacuum cleaner for laminate floor products.

If you need to wash the floor, do not use much water. It your laminated floor was watered, you should remove water as soon as possible to avoid floor defects.

Attention: it is prohibited to clean laminated floor with alkali liquor and abrasive materials. You should not use steam cleaning methods, because it can be dangerous for your floor.

You can easily protect your laminate floor from cracking by using rubber rolls and glides on your sofas, chairs, arm chairs, wardrobe and other kinds of heavy furniture.

Conclusion: Are laminate floor products worth buying? The high quality laminated floor is good in everything. The price is also high. Nevertheless, it is cheaper than high-class wooden parquet. Is there anything better than laminated floor? There is no conclusive answer this question yet.

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