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No matter how reliable any electronic device is, it sooner or later breaks down. The laptop may stop working because some of its components are out of order, or as a result of accidental damage. Then the question arises: what to do? Some laptop owners immediately give their device to laptop repair service. Others try to repair it themselves. And someone buy a new laptop. What variant is preferable? What is the best for the owner of laptop which is broken?

Typical laptop failures

Defects of laptops can manifest in different ways, depending on the cause of the damage.

If the laptop does not respond to attempts to turn, it may be caused by a variety of reasons: damage of the power supply, the failure of one of the elements of the motherboard, processor, or one of the connectors. The same applies to the case when the laptop is turned on, but has no image and sound. Sometimes the laptop turned off spontaneously after working for some time. In most cases, this is due to the laptop cooling system (dust built, ventilator or its power supply failure). It happens that after a certain time after switching on the laptop its screen goes out spontaneously. In this case, the most likely cause is backlight lamps damage.

Other Causes of Failures

Sometimes the laptop is turned on; works for a while and then throws an error STOP. Possible causes are hard disk or the RAM damage and as well as a failure of the operating system. If on the laptop screen appear bands or blurred parts of the image, it may be due to a malfunction of the matrix, video card or plume to the matrix. The reason that does not work USB-ports, a network port or a modem may be denial of the south bridge or separate chips.

Of course, the denials causes in the work of the laptop may be more apparent. For example, the keyboard can be accidentally flooded with some liquid (beer, tea, coffee). But even in this case it is far from clear what exactly is damaged inside the notebook, but it affects the repair procedure. However, it happens that the keyboard does not work, although it was not flooded. The reason for this may be the fault of the southern bridge or keyboard controller. The same reasons (failure of the controller or southern bridge) are also possible if Touch Pad does not work. The laptop repair can’t be made if the reasons for the observed effects are unknown.

Home repair: at your own risk

Thus, the initial stage of repair is always a diagnosis – the identification of the fault. Without specific knowledge and instruments it is possible to do only in the simplest cases. The service centre has a special measuring and control equipment, sophisticated tool for repair, which hardly has a handyman. It is there also the technical documentation required for the repair. Laptop owner has only the operating manual, and this is not enough to understand the electronic laptop scheme. At home, you have to act on your own, without having accurate view of how to perform the troubleshooting and what may be needed for this.

However, for self-repair of laptop you need at least to know what are the functions of various chips, where they are placed inside the notebook, and how the motherboard works. In addition, for high-quality chips replacement the modern soldering equipment – hot air soldering station must be used. In some cases it is necessary to use an infrared soldering station.

Think twice...

Seeing no need to contact the laptop repair service because each "little thing" laptop owners solve problems "at hand means," which in many cases leads to undesirable consequences. The most serious of them is the loss of the opportunity to serve on the guarantee. Even a simple opening of the case deprives the laptop owner the rights to receive free services under warranty.

Thus, any simple action (for example, cleaning the inside of the laptop from dust) makes for the laptop owner impossible to get free service for a more complex and expensive repairs. It often happens that attempts to repair the laptop at home leads to more serious damage, the elimination of which is much more expensive.

Moreover, service centre tests to check the functionality may be performed with the help of special equipment to prevent the occurrence of other failures.

Laptop repair service in Naperville

Thus, if your laptop has broken down and you decide to repair it, the best solution is to resort to professional laptop repair service. Trying to repair the laptop can aggravate the damage. After that, the repairs will cost more. Therefore, we encourage you to use the services of our company to perform qualified laptop repair.

However, if the laptop has been broken, there is another possibility except repairing. Maybe it's time to replace your laptop to a new, more modern, with improved performance? But in this case, the problem arises how to proceed with the old laptop, especially if it became out of order.

Our company can help you to solve this problem. We will buy laptop regardless of whether it work or not, what is its brand and a model year. We have established customer-friendly procedure which allows you easily send us a laptop, and pay a good price. If you think that it is more acceptable for you not to repair broken laptop, but sell it, please contact us in Naperville, you will be able to do it in a convenient way.

If the laptop owner found that his device has broken, he can behave differently. He can use a laptop repair service. Undoubtedly, the experts will find and eliminate the cause of the damage. In this case, if still valid warranty period, it will continue. Maybe someone will decide to try make repairs at home, but it is fraught with the risk to aggravate damage. But there is another way – not to make the laptop repair, sell it and buy a new one. If you made this decision please contact our company in Naperville. You will be able to profitably sell your laptop, even if it is severely damaged.

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