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IT specialists occupy a wide business area: mobile and desktop PCs, network equipment, operative systems and server proposals. Of course, it is good, when you have enough knowledge and experience to manage you problem on your own. Can you take your laptop into pieces? Cent you make a good diagnostics? Can you fix the problem? Is the game worth the candles? The best laptop repair shop can help you to repair your laptop or sell it for cash. What do you think about it?

People used to buy new devices every year. There are many of them, who take their used laptops away, having crashed display or corpus. Remember, scratched corpus is not a reason to throw your laptop away. Repairing laptops is what you need. Nevertheless, if you have no time for reparation, you can easily entrust your problems to the best laptop repair shop. If you cannot repair, you can sell it. For example…

Laptop Motherboard is/isn’t Worth Repairing

Motherboard breakage is the biggest disaster for your laptop. There are many reasons for that. It can be because of overheating, dust and mud, crashing or falling down. Do not forget about watering and improper assembly. There are many cases when the reason for motherboard breakage is power line surge. The reasons may be different. There is a question of repair practicability. Actually, you have few variants: fix the laptop motherboard, renew it or buy new gadget. Which of them is the best? Try to find out what is what.

First of all, you should realize whether you still need your broken laptop or it is out-of-date now. If your gadget is 6-7 year, there is no sense to repair it. Even the cheapest modern laptop will be more powerful than yours. The price for reparation is going to be equally high as the price to buy new budget apparatus. Otherwise, if you like your old laptop, or you do not want to buy new gadget for any reason, you can try fixing it. There are two variants: fixing motherboard or renew it.

It should seem that there is nothing better than renewing motherboard. This is not a good idea for many reasons:

  • First of all, it is financially bad. Reparation is much cheaper than replacement.
  • Secondly, if laptop is older than 2 hours, it is almost impossible to find new detail for it.
  • The last, you should find the best laptop repair shop to fix your device.

Renewing or Fixing

It is time to learn the most popular motherboard breakages, causes and the best reparation variants.

  1. You laptop works well. One day you cannot switch it on. Display shows nothing. This is the variant of video chip or bridge breakage. It is because of overheating. The best variant is repair motherboard by means of renewing broken element - BGA chip. As far as you could renew broken element the probability of motherboard breakage is low. It works like new detail. Nevertheless, you must be careful, choosing the best laptop repair shop. Just big and reliable service centers can afford using expensive equipment to replace BGA chip.
  2. You laptop stopped charging and you cannot switch it on. Moreover, the problem is in supply networks. This is the case, when it is better to repair motherboard, but not buying a new one.
  3. There is a blue screen of doom! Obviously, the root of the problem is video chip or bridge. As you know, you can easily replace this element, giving new life to your computer. Reparation is recommended.
  4. You cannot switch your machine on after it was felt down. Probably, the chip was damaged. May be, the motherboard was cracked. You cannot repair your motherboard if it was cracked. The only one possible variant for you is buying new motherboard and put it in.
  5. Your laptop was watered. Everything depends on when it was watered and what it was watered with. If your laptop was watered some time ago with juice or wine, you should not save your motherboard. It is useless. Try to replace it. Wasting money is not about you, is not it?

Where to Find the Best Laptop Repair Shop

Of course, it is not a problem to replace motherboard. All you need is buying new one and put it in. Do not forget that you have to repair laptop, not a desktop PC. You can do that just having good skills. Another important question is motherboard. It is better to buy new detail to place it in your laptop. Just good service company can help. There are many small workshops that have limited equipment. They use special blow dryers to fix motherboard. The reparation includes heating chips with the help of blow dryers. Of course, this method is effective for two-three months. You motherboard need to be repaired again and again.

The best laptop repair shops are modernly equipped. Obviously, you should pay more money for professional service. Think about the best result.


It can often happen that you are offered to replace your old motherboard. There are many factors to consider.

First of all, it is useless to put new motherboard in the laptop that is older than 2 years. You cannot find it. New laptop models are producing every month. The laptop motherboards for authorized services are produced just once in 2-3 years.

Secondly, small service companies have no opportunity to get new qualified motherboard to repair your laptop. They mostly use used equipment.

Thirdly, watch failures. There are many services that ask you to pay a full price for replacing motherboard. Nevertheless, they can use used mother board under the pretense of new. If service company has no enough equipment to solve your problem, there is a hot necessity to find another laptop repair service.

To conclude, the best laptop repair shop is big experienced company, formed of good specialists and modern equipment. Do not look for cheap services. Do not make private posts, looking for cheap variant. You can get nothing, but wasted time, money and headache.

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