Laptop MSI MS 16F3 GT60 0ND Disassembly Take Apart Sell


Another video from our YouTube/laptopnuts channel on how to disassemble MSI MS 16F3 GT60 0ND . Use at your own risk! Laptop condition in this video is used. We use laptops used, old, or new for the demo purpose only. This tutorial information typically used for fixing/repairing or for selling parts of MSI MS 16F3 GT60 0ND laptop. MSI MS 16F3 GT60 0ND laptop disassembly steps:
  • MSI BTY-M6D GT60 MS-16F3 87Wh ~0:12
  • Bottom case cover ~0:19 ~4:09 ~8:05 
  • RAM Memory ~1:48
  • HGST 750GB 7200RPM hard drive ~1:53
  •  CPU Cooling Fan ~4:50
  •  CPU Cooler Fan Heatsink ~2:08
  •  Video Card HD 7970M ~3:20
  •  HDD Hard Drive Connector Board MS-1762C ~3:55
  •  Keyboard~5:25
  •  Memory ram ~6:13
  •  Wireless WiFi Card 135BNHMW~6:23
  •  Assembly hinges & brackets ~7:35
  •  LCD Screen Assembly ~7:55
  •  DVD Writer Burner SATA Drive Sn-506 ~8:29
  •  Motherboard Ms-16f41 MS16F41 Ver 1.1 Ddr3 PGA 947 ~9:05
  •  USB Audio Port Board With Cable Ms-16f3b ~9:18

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