HP Spectre X360 Laptop

The HP Spectre laptop is without question one of the most powerful and elegantly designed 2-in-1 ultrabooks on the market today.  The Spectre’s design is beautifully compacted into an aluminum body that looks and feels of premium quality.  It weighs only 4.59 pounds for the 15 inch model and 2.78 pounds for the 13 inch model.  Packed with the option between a quad-core 8th Gen i5 or a quad-core 8th Gen i7 Processor makes the HP Spectre the first Ultrabook in its class to hold a Quad-core processor.  The Spectre also has a few display options to choose from depending on the exact model you choose to purchase; with the higher end models having a 4K WLED Screen already built in, naturally giving it a wide and vibrant color palette.  The Spectre also holds an 84Wh Li-On battery on the 15-inch model and a 60Wh Li-On battery on the 13-inch model which HP claims to last up roughly 15 hours.

hp spectre x360 laptop

The HP Spectre X360 laptop is not only a beautiful piece of machinery but it’s also extremely powerful as well.  Lets take a deeper look into the actual specs of the laptop to give you a better understanding:


Design Overview – As we’ve discussed the design has a well-constructed aluminum body frame. The elegant design comes in two different sizes; a 13.3 inch model and a 15.6 inch model. You also have the choice of getting it in the Dark Ash (Copper and Brown) color scheme, Natural Silver color scheme, or its new Rose Gold color scheme. 


  • 15 inch model – 13 x 9.84 x 0.76 in
  • 13 inch model – 04 x 8.56 x 0.53 in


There are a few display options to choose from depending on which Model you choose.


  • 15 inch model has the options between a
  • 4K WLED IPS Touch Screen [6″ diagonal 4K IPS micro-edge BrightView WLED-backlit touch screen with Corning® Gorilla® Glass (3840 x 2160)] or
  • UHD UWVA eDP WLED Touch Screen [6″ diagonal UHD UWVA eDP BrightView WLED-backlit touchscreen(3840 x 2160)]
  • 13 inch model has the options between a
  • 4K WLED IPS Touch Screen [3″ diagonal 4K IPS micro-edge WLED-backlit touch screen with Corning® Gorilla® Glass NBT™ (3840 x 2160)] or
  • FHD IPS WLED Touch Screen w/ Integrated Privacy Screen [3″ diagonal FHD IPS WLED-backlit touch screen with Corning® Gorilla® Glass and Integrated Privacy Screen (1920 x 1080))]
  • FHD IPS WLED Touch Screen [3″ diagonal FHD IPS micro-edge WLED-backlit touch screen with Corning® Gorilla® Glass NBT™ (1920 x 1080))]

Battery and Charging


hp-spectre-x360-laptop-batteryAccording to our research the actual battery life doesn’t live up to HP’s claims of lasting 15 hours. Depending on how you’re using the laptop, it typically last 5-8 hours for the average user.  You must keep in mind that the type of processor and WLED screen you choose will drastically impact the battery life.  A laptop with an i7 Processor and a 4K WLED Screen will the drain the battery much faster compared to a laptop with an i5 Processor and a regular WLED screen.



The HP Spectre comes with its fast charging technology that can fully charge the laptop roughly within an hour and a half. The fast charging technology implemented will help counteract the battery not living up to HP’s claims.


  • The HP Spectre X360 comes with USB 3.0, USB C, HDMI, Audio AUX and a Card reader port. Like most other Ultrabooks it does not have a CD/DVD drive; so, you will have to buy a portable CD/DVD drive if that’s a necessary requirement for you.


  • The Spectre comes with Bang & Olufsen speakers which have received overall positive to moderate reviews. The speakers have a clear and loud sound to them but have been critiqued for having low base; but that’s to be expected especially for a laptop this thin. 

Keyboard and Touchpad


  • The keyboard has a nice and sturdy feel to it. It also has a punchy feedback making the keystrokes quite pleasant. Some of the numerical keys and arrow keys can feel a bit small at times but overall you get pretty used to it after a little while. The touchpad feels reasonably good, but some may feel it to be a little small and the click to be a bit yielding. 


  • The HP Spectre X360 is a really powerful and compact machine.



You have two CPU options to choose from; an 8th Gen Quad-Core i5 CPU or an 8th Gen Quad-Core i7 CPU. This is the first time an ultrabook has had a quad-core processor so if you’re looking for a powerful ultrabook the HP Spectre X360 is one of your best bets. 

  • Intel® Core™ i5-8250U (1.6 GHz, up to 3.4 GHz, 6 MB cache, 4 cores) or
  • Intel® Core™ i7-8550U (1.8 GHz, up to 4 GHz, 8 MB cache, 4 cores)
  • Intel® Core™ i7-8705G (3.1 GHz, up to 4.1 GHz, 8MB cache, 4 cores) (Available only for 15inch)


The HP Spectre X360’s graphics card is powerful enough to take care of the average users needs but when you get into the realm of intense gaming and video editing it becomes more challenging for the computer. 

  • Intel® UHD Graphics 620
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® MX150 (2 GB GDDR5 dedicated)
  • Radeon™ RX Vega M Graphics (4GB dedicated memory)



  • 16GB is the MAX RAM you could have installed through HP and the RAM is onboard.

Hard Drive

  • The HP Spectre X360 comes with a few different Solid State Drive options ranging in size from 256GB to 2TB.


Specs vary according to which model you choose but there are the options.

  • 13in and 15in model – Intel® 802.11b/g/n/ac (2×2) Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® 4.2 Combo
  • 15in model only – Intel® 802.11b/g/n/ac (2×2) Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® 5 Combo,Intel® 802.11b/g/n/ac (2×2) Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® 4.2 Combo


  • Both models come with a fingerprint scanner for logging in as well as an HD Webcam for face unlock.

Conclusion (verdict)

In conclusion, The HP Spectre X360 is a state of the art laptop with all the up to date functionalities that not only the average user would be impressed with but those advanced in the technological field would be as well.  It’s simply a sleek, beautiful, and powerful laptop.  If you are a normal user with average computational needs the Spectre goes above and beyond. But if you were looking to do any intense gaming or video editing then the Spectre falls somewhat short due to its graphical limitations. 

Sell Dell Laptop

Sell Dell LaptopIt is right time to compare Dell and HP laptops! If you are hunting for a new laptop, you have to come across these two popular brands, known as Hewlett Packard and Dell. Visiting different computer stores, except for Apple store, you will find Dell and HP dominating many displays. There are several reasons for their strong market presence. The information is also helpful if you are going to sell Dell laptop. You should know all its pluses and minuses from the professional point of view to make the right price, considering the fact that your laptop is used.

The both brands have excellent laptops with superb technology that is long lasting and stable. When you have to choose between Dell or HP, however, it is going to be a hard choice. Your choice of laptop should be based on your budget and specifications that you need depending upon usage. You need to assess the potential of the laptop you are buying. This post is going to check out what is the true story of Dell vs HP laptops to help you in deciding which one is right for you!

Meet Dell Laptops

Dell Inc. is a multinational computing company, based in Texas, United States. It started 32 years ago to provide strong hardware and software services, particularly coming up with new devices. On September 7, 2016, it was merged to form Dell Technologies. Now, officially, Dell Technologies is into a variety of products such as Personal Computers, Smartphones and Networking and Hardware devices. Nevertheless, Dell is still noted for its varying range of Laptops and Desktops – not to mention the other hardware components. And, what is more, YES, you can find Dell laptops for almost all kinds of budgets. This fact is the most impressive one!

Dell vs HP Laptops – Performance

So, the main thing that attracts you, as a customer, or other customers, if you are going to sell Dell laptop is appearance. In comparison, Hewlett Packard laptops are more suitable for performance. You will understand that by looking at the common specifications of HP laptops, even in the budget-friendly sector. You can surely find 4 GB of RAM in even the sub-$500 budget. HP does not put much complementary stuff in their laptops. So, finally, Dell lags a bit behind. If you are expecting the best-in-class performance for the price you pay, you should go for HP.

Dell vs HP – Design

Dell laptops are known with its varying designs and aesthetics. Depending on your budget, you can find a wider variety of compact designs within the brand. There is thin-profile ones and the thicker ones, subject to the types of hardware requirements you have.

Except a few cases, HP follows the rudimentary laptop designs. However, it’s hard to choose an impressive color when you are into HP. If you need the answer in a few words, HP is utilitarian when it comes to laptop designs and customization options. HP Specter series can be included in the exceptional set of cases, by the way. So, if you are find of various designs and patterns, you should ask for Dell. But, there is another aspect too.

HP vs Dell – Client Support

This is where Dell takes the leading position. Of course, the both of these brands are closely connected, but Dell seems to be the upper-hand here. First of all, the customer support from Dell is timely. You can expect the replacement in the least time possible. There is also the fineness of quality and perfection. You are often amazed at the speed and perfection of Dell repairs and the courtesy.

What about HP service? Of course, HP is not offering quality-less service for its laptops. They are also quick and very timely. And, if you can use the web-based system, it must be amazing too. In fact, Dell is supposed to be the laptop brand with the best customer support ever. This is not the only one opinion but common decision.

HP vs Dell – Pricing

Pricing is another popular sphere where HP brand is the winners. As it was mentioned before, HP laptops always come with the up-to-date set of hardware stuff. Even then, the retail purchase prices are low. In addition, you can get some extra discounts if you use one of the available discounts. The rates are even lower when compared to Dell. If you take some of the examples from hardware specification range, you will surely spot a difference of $100 or so. What a huge difference! This important factor also plays the main role when you sell Dell laptop. They are not cheap, even used. If you want to take your laptop on sale no longer, put the lower price, but not lower than HP.

Sell Dell Laptop vs. HP LaptopDell vs HP Laptops – To Conclude

Now it was compared the different aspects to decide which is better, Dell or HP. And, it is time to share the ultimate opinions now.

HP would be the better choice if you are concerned about high-class performance. Even in low-budget devices, you will find the best performance. Also, if running Windows 10 OS, the total usability of HP devices is something superb. There aren’t many bloat were to be mentioned, either. If you travel with laptop and looking for a portable laptop then you can go for HP. The only problem with HP is the lack of new and innovative designs. Also, in comparison with Dell, the customer service may not be up to the mark.

Sell Dell Laptop for Cash

Of course, hunting for the extra price, you should go to eBay. If you want real and fast money, you may use one of many online services. You have to fill in the long application form to write down all information about the laptop real condition. Remember, in order to offer an accurate price they need to know the age and specification of your laptop. The procedure is simple:

  • Select Brand
  • Select Processor
  • Describe Condition
  • Functionality
  • Confirm Offer
  • Original operating system your laptop was shipped with.

Most Laptops will have a sticker on the palmrest near the keyboard. On newer laptops you can also find a sticker on the base of the laptop or alternatively within the operating system. Need further help? Call us and get money for your used laptops.

Sell Acer Laptop And Feel Free in Trades

Sell Acer Laptop And Feel Free in TradesThe most popular laptop companies are Asus, Acer, Toshiba, HP, Samsung, Dell and Sony Vaio. These companies are specialized in producing the cheapest machines or laptops of the high value. The companies produce new and new laptop models to gain their hot popularity. The most of Acer laptops was founded as a good alternative to the big family computers. They usually are not characterized as high power or gaming gadgets. They are especially good for solving simple tasks (office applications, video, Internet tasks).

Acer laptops get to the repairing companies not as often as HP, for example. They are also better sold than HP models. The most often problem for Acer laptops is chips. The damaged chips make your machine bad working. What is the main Acer advantage? You can easily find the gadget to meet your requirements in according to the available prices.

Sell Acer laptop Online

It is worth saying that you should not go and take your device for sale right now. You do not even sell your lovely laptop every time when the new model comes out. Everything is simple. It is better to take care of your machine know to get more money for it later. There is a good rule: if you do not need to sell you laptop, wait and do not sell it now! Your laptop is good enough to work on it.

If you want to sell Acer laptop for good price, you should take care of your machine during its working life. If you think that a couple of cracks and scratches are not a big problem. It can be the problem for those who own your laptop after you. So, the price goes down. To succeed in trades you have to think of your laptop appearance with your client’s eyes. It does not really matter which way of trades you choose, eBay, Craigslist, other auction.

Things You Should Check Before Sell Acer Laptop

Check laptop display: if it is good and fool colored, it can be still defected from watering if you used your laptop in the bathroom or kitchen. You should look at the laptop monitor attentively. It helps to see all scratches, even small and miserable.

Check all ports and connectors. You should use the external devices to check the laptop ports and USB. Of course, you should not forget to check WiFi and Bluetooth.

Check the hard drive workability: you can easily test it with the help of the CrystalDiskInfo Portable. If your Acer is old and you hear the scratching noise every time it works, the hard disk of your computer is probably dying.

Check the laptop memory. You can download the free version of Memtest or use diagnostic memory instruments from Windows. It is easy and effective.

Check the laptop accumulator and charger.

Paroles: never forget to delete all your passwords (BIOS, Windows and others). Otherwise, your laptop can be absolutely useless!

Attention: if you want to sell Acer laptop online, you must be honest with your customers and yourself. This is the best way to save your money and time. If you are not going to tell the truth about the laptop condition to sell it from eBay faster, be ready to receive it back as just as you will send it. This is the situation you can avoid!

Packing: if the deal was done, you have to pack your device to make it ready for transportation.

Check the charger: never forget to pack the charger in.

Delete your personal information from the computer. Before you send it, clean the hard drive disk and do the system reset.

Sell Acer LaptopWhere to Sell Acer Laptop?

One of the main advantages of selling laptop online to the auction is that you do not worry about your personal safety. You will see how careful the laptop is treated and cleaned by the professional managers. It must be tested to confirm the price. You can get your money in day or two later.

You do not need to look for the right place to sell Acer laptop. It usually takes much time if you are going to do it along. Internet auctions give you real money for you gadget.

Finally, be careful to choose only one right and true proposal. Of course, you will get dozens of them, the more the better. Try to think cold and decide what it what, even if the proposal seems to be very attractive.

Take your chance to sell your machine right now. Professional auctions do everything for you. They sell your machine fast and profitable.

How It Works

Get a quote for selling laptop, telephones, tablets and other gadgets.

Choose the gadget that you want to sell and describe its condition. If you want to sell more than 1 laptop, you can pick it for the list of gadgets and add into your shop basket. Enjoy your shopping. You can buy and sell in the same way.

Get the free UPS or FedEx by e-mail.

You have to send your gadget for trade. Also you can easily do this with the help of free quote. Or you can receive it on your e-mail in PDF form. Package your gadget to send it to the company you trade to. Make sure that everything is well-packed. You may use FedEx or UPS delivery systems. Just find the nearest office.

You laptop must be checked.

If your gadget is in a good condition or it has the same characteristics that you appointed in the quote, you will receive your money back as fast as possible. If there are any problems about your laptop details or technical condition that was no appointed in your quote, you will receive the e-main with the new possible price for your agreement.

 This is it! The payments usually are sent through the PayPal system or other company you use. Everything must be modern to let you get money fast and comfortable way. Please contact to your manager if you still have questions or if you are ready for trade right now.

Looking For the Best Place to Sell Laptop

Looking For the Best Place to Sell LaptopDo you know what the best popular goods to trade them online are? Actually, used and new technics are the best-popular goods for the world online auction eBay. It is not very difficult to find the best place to sell laptop. The choice of places is wide in different variations: online shops, shops, internet cafes, repair services. The prices for your technic are still acceptable. You can sell or buy laptops and accessories from eBay that are cheaper than in the shops and internet shops. Everyone knows that online trades are very popular in our country. Why? Read this article and decide.

Best Place to Sell Laptop Online

Of course, the article starts from the best visiting platform when you use to sell or buy something. American eBay is the biggest trade platform not only in America but in the world. You can buy something with no efforts. You can pay for different goods with no taxes to receive it in a couple of days without delay. The choice of laptops is also wide. If you are interested to buy or sell one concrete laptop model, you should learn the full list of available laptops for trade first. If you are interested in something or want to know the price, you can click the link and get full description of the good, photo, payment details and technical characteristics. Never forget that cheap used laptops are the best-trade goods. The most of them are sold in 12-24 hours.

Remember that the list from eBay page is just a small part of trade proposals that are available for this moment. To learn the full list of assortment, just click View all items at the bottom of the list. Remember one more thing: if you want to trade, contact to other traders, you have to take registration on the website. The registration is free and simple.

EBay Trades Specific

It is time to meet the most important aspects of online trades, including eBay trades if you are aimed to find the best place to sell laptop. Do you have question about the goods? – Contact people with the help of special form Ask a question. Of course, if you want to ask a question, you should create a user account to check in (login and password). Never afraid to place stake on. You can always call it back. eBay is not a usual shop. It has its own specifics.

Almost all laptops that are sold from eBay (USA) are available for English speaking people.

Buying laptops from eBay you should remember that they all work under the pressure of 220 V. All of them are accomplished with universal power generators that work for 110 (USA standard) to 220 V (European standard). Nevertheless, the plug from in the USA differs from European. So, if you live in Europe and buy laptop from the USA, never forget to buy European plug in addition. It is not difficult to do in the electronics shop or online to pay 5-10 USD.

Useful Tips

Think about Paypal system. This is a very popular payment system in the world. If you are not on it, you can easily get additional information about Paypal specific in the internet from the official guiding.

One more thing, you are offered to buy or sell laptops from eBay on your own or with the help of mediator agencies. These companies are ready to solve your questions about the goods shipping, taxes and other important points. It is very easy to be the client of eBay – online store. It does not matter, where you live, Germany, Canada or other country. eBay is available for different countries and cities to make your shopping easy and fast. Just check in from your city and get free access to the list of different products and details.

Best Place to Sell LaptopBuy Up Laptops

The most of laptop users know the feeling when their technic stops working because of one or another reason. This is the case when people try to sell broken laptops with their own efforts. If you are not sure that you are experienced enough to trade technic, you can use buy up services and find the best place to sell laptop. What kind of service is it? It is a useful and helpful service for all who change their technic very often or who has broken or old laptops, tuners and other technic items. This is a good chance to get some money from your old resources.

So, it was approved that people use buy up services as the best place to sell laptop when it is seriously and hopelessly broken. The other group of people, who used to change their technic from time to time, also use buy up services to get money for new laptops. There is nothing to say. Laptop models come to see this word regularly. If you want to buy new creative model, you probably want to sell your old laptop.

Reasons to Call For Buy Up:

Too much expensive repairs. It is not a secret that the price to repair your technic can be impressive, especially, if your laptop model is old. The only one way out is using buy up to get some money.

Breakage and damages. If your laptop is broken and you cannot repair it, it is better to use buy up services to sell your laptop for details. The laptop masters need details to repair broken technic.

Online calculating. If you are busy person and do not want to spend money for transportation, informational search, waiting for clients, you can use online calculating to find out how much money you can get from your laptop. It is really helpful to save your time.

Price Depends On

  • Technical characteristics. You can offer your technic for trade in different technical conditions.
  • Useful life. Obviously, technic working conditions depends on how much time you spent at your machine.
  • Component parts. If you have additional component parts for your laptop, it can be a big bonus to make the price higher.
  • One way or another, it is much better to trade old technic than keep it on your bookshelf.

Website That Pays Money for Your Used Laptop

Money for Your Used LaptopAll laptop users ask one another about that marvelous place, where you can trade your used laptop for buying new instead. We are not going to speak about sales reasons – everyone has reasons for sale. What are the rules to effect profitable sales? You have to learn many different nuances  how to get good money for your used laptop and take different steps to clean your machine and prepare it for future users. If you want to buy used device, you should also keep the rules. Every potential seller wonders about how to trade device and where to trade. Someone prefer selling laptops online, others want to try to catch luck to one or another shop. There is also a group of people, who likes direct trading with no middlemen.

They all are right. There are many ways to trade used laptops: send it to specialized shop that is pro in trading and repairing technic; place the post in the internet or contact to i-shop. It is very popular way to trade technic to the specialized website that pays money for your used laptop.

Some Secrets of Getting Money for Your Used Laptop

Gaming laptops are popular in our active society. Do you like playing computer games? Everyone, who is in gaming, think of changing old gadget to more powerful one. People start placing their posts and attractive offers assigned with attractive motto: gaming laptop for sale. They are right. If you want to trade your gadget, it is better to inform your potential clients about why they need to buy this particular laptop.

The next secret is marking your trade post with the sign for sale or for sale urgently. You know, this is a real chance to say bye-bye to your used device with the shortest possible period of time. If you suddenly decided to sell your used laptop in fast and profitable way, you should start preparing it right now. It is better to make it clean and absolutely ready to pass to the control to new owner. You may ask your friends or relatives for friendly advice. Opinions differ. You have to listen to their pressures opinion and make your own conclusion.

Trading Laptop Lightly

So, to trade your laptop profitably, you have to think of its pleasant appearance by cleaning your device. It would be great to find all available documents and instructions, original packing box for transporting.

Never forget that you have to learn the second hand market first. If your laptop is very old, the price cannot be high. The best idea is find laptop in the internet with similar characteristics and adequate price. If you want to trade your machine fast – you have to learn prices. The price must be not very high, but not cheap, of course, if you want to get some profit. If you are aimed to sell your used laptop as soon as possible, you can put the lowest price and enjoy trading. It is not problematic to find a website that pays money for your used laptop.

The next important step is cleaning. It does not mean dusting, but system cleaning. You have to remove all personal information, documents, pictures and notes. It would be great to delete internet history, codes and i-passwords. Never forget to clean the bin at last. There is a necessity to format your laptop hard drive in order to delete user data and restore to factory setting. You cannot use laptop after formation. No way! You can also reinstall OS. All you need is available OS disk. You can also take away the old hard drive from your laptop and replace it for new one. By the way, there is no need to format it. So, your laptop is ready to be sold!

Website That Pays Money for Your Used LaptopSelling Laptop

Be truthful! Of course, if you want to sell your product, you need to color it in the best and attractive way for potential buyers. There is nothing strange in it. Of course, you have to show clients about pluses of your laptop, emphasizing it in the most attractive way. You know, it is important to stop in time. Tell the truth! If you want to make the price little higher, you can offer a little bonus in form of free present for buyers. It can be laptop bag, laptop mouth, carpet or something small but nice. This is the right way to surprise your potential partner. Nevertheless, the price is absolutely confirmed with the bonuses.

At last, be ready to answer any question about your machine. You have to learn everything: laptop model, brand, number, technical characteristics, but not just the color and size. This information is important in different situations, whether you are going to trade your used machine on your own or by means of special website that pays good money for your used laptop.

Bonus Rules

 Are you afraid that your item is old and broken? You, probably, think that there is no one who is ready to buy it. Do not be nervous! You can always sell it for details. It is not a problem in out days. Your city and internet are full of interesting proposals. Their specialization is trading used technic, reparation, trade-in. Thus, having a question: which of many companies to choose? it is better to read feedbacks, fresh impressions and recommendations.

If your laptop is almost new or new, you should write about it in the notice. The statistics says that your chances to sell laptop are higher when you inform people about it from the headline. If you need to sell laptop very fast, make the price lower. You are laptop user! Try to keep your machine in good technical condition. Put the price a little higher than you want to get.

If you have no time for online dealing, meetings, but you strongly decided to trade your old device, it is better to contact to one of many city shops. Their proposals are attractive, consultations are free and knowledge is strong enough to help you to say good bye to old laptop and meet new. Want to succeed in business? Find a good website that pays money for your used laptop!

Call for Help to Laptop Repair Company

Laptop Repair CompanyIs it necessary to repair your laptop with your own efforts?

The article is dedicated to all repair lovers who want to repair their laptops without additional assistance. Mayby better is to call laptop repair company?

All happy laptop owners face the problem of reparation. Sooner or later, you notice that your lovely machine work bad, with fits and starts. You need it right now! This is the situation of high nervousness and temper. There is a true question: I need my information back! There is another situation, when your laptop, is difficult to switch on or off. This is the first sign, shouting that your laptop needs to be examined as fast as possible. At least, you should pay for preventive cleaning and diagnostics to find out what is what. The worst variant is reinstalling of operative system. Finally, your portative friend needs to be taken by parts to find the defect and replace them.

Are you afraid? If you have enough patience, diligence, accuracy and special skills, you can try to repair your laptop on your own. If you are not strong in technic, this is the time to call for help to laptop repair company. What do you know about the laptop details, chips, microchips, motherboard, their functions and characteristics? The solid skills of this area can help you to fix your machine in the best way. Speaking about practical skills, you have to learn specifications to use special equipment, at least soldering iron. To replace microchips you should learn working with thermal or infrared soldering station and special fusible agents.

To Do or not to Do – That is a Question!

Attention! It is important to switch off your laptop and remove accumulator before open it. It is also important to us antistatic bracelet.

Of course, if your head is free from base technical knowledge, you can try to repair laptop just in case it does not need high skills and complex information. So, what reparations are usually available to do without professional assistance? The complexity of categories is different. You do not need many efforts to repair your broken laptop for:

  • Winchester replacement;
  • Work memory replacement;
  • Keyboard replacement.

Do you think that laptop preventive cleaning is easy to do? As a rule, you have to do complete disassembly of your laptop corpus. The procedure seems to be easy. Nevertheless, people cannot finish it without professional help. The big part of broken laptops is out of order because of wrong and incompetent manipulations. The list of reparation that needs much efforts and special skills is:

  • Connectors replacement;
  • Inverter replacement;
  • Motherboard breakages;
  • Screen damages.

Remember! The work must be done attentively and accurate, following the warnings and instructions. If you are not strong in technic, call for help to professional repair company!

There is one more thing: your efforts are worth doing only if you have all necessary details to replace. Do you know, where to find all needed details? You may use electronic elements, corpus details, new and used. If you decided to repair laptop on your own, you should remember that after-effects and results of your doing can be difficult to check-up and expensive to repair. Thus, your decision is important.

Nothing Better than Competent Help of Laptop Repair Company

There are many cases, when urgent reparation is all you need. Professionals can help you! The service center renders its competent assistance in the shortest terms. The high-class specialists provide scrupulous laptop diagnostics, cleaning to make price for reparation if it is needed. You can order in-home reparation – improve information on the web. You can take your broken machine to service office on your own or use free shipping possibilities. Anyway, your visit is expected and effective. The result of your visit to service center must be lot of cash!

Call for Help to Laptop Repair CompanyOut of Danger

The laptops are out of order for different reasons more often than desktop PCs. It is all because of great amount of additional programming support in your laptop. As a matter of fact, critical loads may be the main reason of overheating, breakage of component parts and apparatus problems. If you could not fix the problem in time, the laptop runs into danger every day. Thus, cheap preventive cleaning makes your machine to be out of danger. Otherwise, cheap reparation becomes the expensive and substantial procedure that needs much time and money.

How much money do you need to replace processor in your laptop? – Call for help to laptop repair company and get know the price!

Of course, it is really difficult to find the reason of your laptop troubles if you are not professional. There is a list of damages and characteristics that can make you think of your machine condition:


  • start
  • loading
  • charging
  • picture
  • keyboard
  • ports and connectors: USB, IDE, SATA
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, micro and camera
  • cooling

From the other hand, the price for reparation depends on the value of damage. You can easily break down your machine, water it, crash or press down. For example, the price for watering of your laptop is equal to the price for new keyboard. As you can see, there is no space for cheap laptop reparation.

Upgrade It Right Now!

You are careful user and know everything about technic. Your laptop is many-years old. Nevertheless, it is still in good working condition. You see that it is not as powerful as you wish. Can you buy new device? If you are not ready to buy new laptop, you can upgrade your old machine. You can replace your processor, operative memory, software, drivers – the complex of works is not expensive. It helps to make your old computer to be close to modern demands and technical characteristics.

Good Advice:

Do you think that your machine works slowly? Having doubts, call for help to laptop repair company!

The cheap reparation is always better than buying new computer or expensive details for it. Do you want your laptop to be repaired? Do you have some system problems? Have you watered your laptop or pressed it down? Make a call!

Laptop Repair Service in Naperville

Laptop Repair Service in NapervilleNo matter how reliable any electronic device is, it sooner or later breaks down. The laptop may stop working because some of its components are out of order, or as a result of accidental damage. Then the question arises: what to do? Some laptop owners immediately give their device to laptop repair service. Others try to repair it themselves. And someone buy a new laptop. What variant is preferable? What is the best for the owner of laptop which is broken?

Typical laptop failures

Defects of laptops can manifest in different ways, depending on the cause of the damage.

If the laptop does not respond to attempts to turn, it may be caused by a variety of reasons: damage of the power supply, the failure of one of the elements of the motherboard, processor, or one of the connectors. The same applies to the case when the laptop is turned on, but has no image and sound. Sometimes the laptop turned off spontaneously after working for some time. In most cases, this is due to the laptop cooling system (dust built, ventilator or its power supply failure). It happens that after a certain time after switching on the laptop its screen goes out spontaneously. In this case, the most likely cause is backlight lamps damage.

Other Causes of Failures

Sometimes the laptop is turned on; works for a while and then throws an error STOP. Possible causes are hard disk or the RAM damage and as well as a failure of the operating system. If on the laptop screen appear bands or blurred parts of the image, it may be due to a malfunction of the matrix, video card or plume to the matrix. The reason that does not work USB-ports, a network port or a modem may be denial of the south bridge or separate chips.

Of course, the denials causes in the work of the laptop may be more apparent. For example, the keyboard can be accidentally flooded with some liquid (beer, tea, coffee). But even in this case it is far from clear what exactly is damaged inside the notebook, but it affects the repair procedure. However, it happens that the keyboard does not work, although it was not flooded. The reason for this may be the fault of the southern bridge or keyboard controller. The same reasons (failure of the controller or southern bridge) are also possible if Touch Pad does not work. The laptop repair can’t be made if the reasons for the observed effects are unknown.

Home repair: at your own risk

Thus, the initial stage of repair is always a diagnosis – the identification of the fault. Without specific knowledge and instruments it is possible to do only in the simplest cases. The service centre has a special measuring and control equipment, sophisticated tool for repair, which hardly has a handyman. It is there also the technical documentation required for the repair. Laptop owner has only the operating manual, and this is not enough to understand the electronic laptop scheme. At home, you have to act on your own, without having accurate view of how to perform the troubleshooting and what may be needed for this.

However, for self-repair of laptop you need at least to know what are the functions of various chips, where they are placed inside the notebook, and how the motherboard works. In addition, for high-quality chips replacement the modern soldering equipment – hot air soldering station must be used. In some cases it is necessary to use an infrared soldering station.

Think twice…

Seeing no need to contact the laptop repair service because each “little thing” laptop owners solve problems “at hand means,” which in many cases leads to undesirable consequences. The most serious of them is the loss of the opportunity to serve on the guarantee. Even a simple opening of the case deprives the laptop owner the rights to receive free services under warranty.

Thus, any simple action (for example, cleaning the inside of the laptop from dust) makes for the laptop owner impossible to get free service for a more complex and expensive repairs. It often happens that attempts to repair the laptop at home leads to more serious damage, the elimination of which is much more expensive.

Moreover, service centre tests to check the functionality may be performed with the help of special equipment to prevent the occurrence of other failures.

Laptop Repair ServiceLaptop repair service in Naperville

Thus, if your laptop has broken down and you decide to repair it, the best solution is to resort to professional laptop repair service. Trying to repair the laptop can aggravate the damage. After that, the repairs will cost more. Therefore, we encourage you to use the services of our company to perform qualified laptop repair.

However, if the laptop has been broken, there is another possibility except repairing. Maybe it’s time to replace your laptop to a new, more modern, with improved performance? But in this case, the problem arises how to proceed with the old laptop, especially if it became out of order.

Our company can help you to solve this problem. We will buy laptop regardless of whether it work or not, what is its brand and a model year. We have established customer-friendly procedure which allows you easily send us a laptop, and pay a good price. If you think that it is more acceptable for you not to repair broken laptop, but sell it, please contact us in Naperville, you will be able to do it in a convenient way.

If the laptop owner found that his device has broken, he can behave differently. He can use a laptop repair service. Undoubtedly, the experts will find and eliminate the cause of the damage. In this case, if still valid warranty period, it will continue. Maybe someone will decide to try make repairs at home, but it is fraught with the risk to aggravate damage. But there is another way – not to make the laptop repair, sell it and buy a new one. If you made this decision please contact our company in Naperville. You will be able to profitably sell your laptop, even if it is severely damaged.

Right Direction Sell Laptop VS Repair

Right Direction Sell Laptop VS RepairThe modern life becomes useless when the laptop is broken. You cannot work, spend time, learn and communicate online without your computer. It is a usual thing that laptop is an important part of your life. What to do, when the laptop is broken? There are many variants, the most popular of them are repair it or sell. It is time to find out, which variant is winning, sell laptop vs repair.

Sell Laptop VS Repair

It may be right decision to repair your laptop for many reasons. They are:

  • It can be cheaper to repair your machine instead of buying new one;
  • As a rule, it takes little time to repair your laptop – you should not wait long;
  • The guarantee of quality for many solid service centers is experienced specialists and many years’ experience;
  • Positive feedbacks and recommendations speak for themselves, confirming the top service and professionalism;
  • There is a minimum guarantee for repaired technic. It makes you to sell your laptop for good money in future.

As a rule, broken laptop is not a reason to sell it for cheap or throw it away. Of course, if you cannot repair your old machine or there is no sense in it, you can sell it to service center. Professional service centers works with technic of different brands.

Laptops Diagnostics

Diagnostics is a complex of actions, focused on problem localization and finding the best repairing variant of big and small faults. Diagnostics can be two kinds: apparatus and program. To decide, what to choose, sell laptop VS repair, you should ask for diagnostics.

Apparatus diagnostics should be taken by means of taking your laptop into pieces to find the problem and find all necessary details to renew or fix them. This kind of diagnostics is used to localize such typical defects as: laptop does not work, there is not picture on it, and the display picture is not bright and clear. As a matter of fact, apparatus diagnostics is held by means of special apparatus.

Program diagnostics allows checking the laptop workability to find defects. You can use program diagnostics under the condition that your laptop can be switched on. This kind of diagnostics is usually used not only to check the laptop condition in general, but hidden failures.

The full complex of diagnostic measures is predicted to fetch out optimal way of fixing procedure. It helps to find out all needed details beforehand, making price of it.

Dusting Laptop

It can happen that your laptop that was working well for a long time holds back. As a rule, your device does not need reparation, but preventive cleaning, or dusting. It helps to back your laptop back to life

Why? Everything is simple. Having problems with your computer, there is a strong necessity that dust is the reason of it – processor overheating. It is true – the laptop processor needs additional cooling. To do this, all laptops are equipped with special cooling system, consisting of heat pipes. Nothing, but cooling system needs cleaning.

It is not recommended to keep your laptop on the carpet, knees, and armchair surfaces. The soft surfaces block the air access to laptop cooling system. It makes your computer to be overheated. Keeping your machine on the table, there is no problem with cooling. Nevertheless, your laptop works like a vacuum cleaner, absorbing dust. As a result of this is strong pollution inside. Your item needs cleaning to work well.

First of all, your laptop works slowly. The dust becomes a barrier for all laptop details to be well-aired. Cooling system stops working. Overheated computer stops working. You cannot switch it on. Thus, dust becomes a reason for your laptop to become useless apparatus in your home. It is worth saying that dusting your laptops inside can help solving your problems, but not always. If it does not help, you need ask for diagnostics to define the real problem. It is very important to hear the price for reparation. Otherwise, you can waste your money for renewing your old laptop instead of selling it for details and buying new working machine. You should choose – sell laptop VS repair it.

Sell Laptop VS RepairWhat Should You Do: Sell Laptop VS Repair

Is your laptop broken? Your guarantee repair is expired. It is too expensive to fix your machine. There is a sense to sell laptop for details than repair it, especially, if your machine is old. You know if your laptop is more than 3 years old it is out-of-date. It is about mother board, battery, and other elements. It is better to sell your laptop to service center that you can trust. This is your chance to buy new machine.

You, probably, know that repairs needs money. For example, if your laptop display is crashed, it costs a lot. The price to repair motherboard is also high. This is the situation, when selling laptop is more profitable. Moreover, it is faster and more attractive.

Selling Laptop

Selling laptop helps to solve 2 tasks all together. First of all, it helps you to get start-up budget to buy new computer. Secondly, service center has a chance to buy a set of details. There is a little advice: if you decided to sell your machine to one or another service center, you should not take it for parts on your own. If you are not good technician, there is a risk to defect your laptop elements. This is the reason to make the price lower. Think about it!

Buying new laptop is costly affair. So, if your device is broken, it is very difficult to throw it away. So, the first impression is selling it. This is right decision. Nevertheless, selling laptop can be not an easy process to do. Remember that you can sell laptop to specialized centers you can trust. Avoid contacting to doubtful organizations. Trading laptop on your own, do not sell it for cheap.

You can lose much and get nothing instead. Just take care of your laptop to prevent breakages. Having problems, try to solve them seriously, by means of professionals.

Seek and Find the Best Laptop Repair Shop

Best Laptop Repair ShopIT specialists occupy a wide business area: mobile and desktop PCs, network equipment, operative systems and server proposals. Of course, it is good, when you have enough knowledge and experience to manage you problem on your own. Can you take your laptop into pieces? Cent you make a good diagnostics? Can you fix the problem? Is the game worth the candles? The best laptop repair shop can help you to repair your laptop or sell it for cash. What do you think about it?

People used to buy new devices every year. There are many of them, who take their used laptops away, having crashed display or corpus. Remember, scratched corpus is not a reason to throw your laptop away. Repairing laptops is what you need. Nevertheless, if you have no time for reparation, you can easily entrust your problems to the best laptop repair shop. If you cannot repair, you can sell it. For example…

Laptop Motherboard is/isn’t Worth Repairing

Motherboard breakage is the biggest disaster for your laptop. There are many reasons for that. It can be because of overheating, dust and mud, crashing or falling down. Do not forget about watering and improper assembly. There are many cases when the reason for motherboard breakage is power line surge. The reasons may be different. There is a question of repair practicability. Actually, you have few variants: fix the laptop motherboard, renew it or buy new gadget. Which of them is the best? Try to find out what is what.

First of all, you should realize whether you still need your broken laptop or it is out-of-date now. If your gadget is 6-7 year, there is no sense to repair it. Even the cheapest modern laptop will be more powerful than yours. The price for reparation is going to be equally high as the price to buy new budget apparatus. Otherwise, if you like your old laptop, or you do not want to buy new gadget for any reason, you can try fixing it. There are two variants: fixing motherboard or renew it.

It should seem that there is nothing better than renewing motherboard. This is not a good idea for many reasons:

  • First of all, it is financially bad. Reparation is much cheaper than replacement.
  • Secondly, if laptop is older than 2 hours, it is almost impossible to find new detail for it.
  • The last, you should find the best laptop repair shop to fix your device.

Renewing or Fixing

It is time to learn the most popular motherboard breakages, causes and the best reparation variants.

  1. You laptop works well. One day you cannot switch it on. Display shows nothing. This is the variant of video chip or bridge breakage. It is because of overheating. The best variant is repair motherboard by means of renewing broken element – BGA chip. As far as you could renew broken element the probability of motherboard breakage is low. It works like new detail. Nevertheless, you must be careful, choosing the best laptop repair shop. Just big and reliable service centers can afford using expensive equipment to replace BGA chip.
  2. You laptop stopped charging and you cannot switch it on. Moreover, the problem is in supply networks. This is the case, when it is better to repair motherboard, but not buying a new one.
  3. There is a blue screen of doom! Obviously, the root of the problem is video chip or bridge. As you know, you can easily replace this element, giving new life to your computer. Reparation is recommended.
  4. You cannot switch your machine on after it was felt down. Probably, the chip was damaged. May be, the motherboard was cracked. You cannot repair your motherboard if it was cracked. The only one possible variant for you is buying new motherboard and put it in.
  5. Your laptop was watered. Everything depends on when it was watered and what it was watered with. If your laptop was watered some time ago with juice or wine, you should not save your motherboard. It is useless. Try to replace it. Wasting money is not about you, is not it?

Seek and Find the Best Laptop Repair ShopWhere to Find the Best Laptop Repair Shop

Of course, it is not a problem to replace motherboard. All you need is buying new one and put it in. Do not forget that you have to repair laptop, not a desktop PC. You can do that just having good skills. Another important question is motherboard. It is better to buy new detail to place it in your laptop. Just good service company can help. There are many small workshops that have limited equipment. They use special blow dryers to fix motherboard. The reparation includes heating chips with the help of blow dryers. Of course, this method is effective for two-three months. You motherboard need to be repaired again and again.

The best laptop repair shops are modernly equipped. Obviously, you should pay more money for professional service. Think about the best result.


It can often happen that you are offered to replace your old motherboard. There are many factors to consider.

First of all, it is useless to put new motherboard in the laptop that is older than 2 years. You cannot find it. New laptop models are producing every month. The laptop motherboards for authorized services are produced just once in 2-3 years.

Secondly, small service companies have no opportunity to get new qualified motherboard to repair your laptop. They mostly use used equipment.

Thirdly, watch failures. There are many services that ask you to pay a full price for replacing motherboard. Nevertheless, they can use used mother board under the pretense of new. If service company has no enough equipment to solve your problem, there is a hot necessity to find another laptop repair service.

To conclude, the best laptop repair shop is big experienced company, formed of good specialists and modern equipment. Do not look for cheap services. Do not make private posts, looking for cheap variant. You can get nothing, but wasted time, money and headache.

Selling Used Laptop – Problem of Choice

selling used laptop online problem of choice in a modern worldYour life without reliable, digital and mobile friend is impossible. The laptop is your helper for work and leisure. Of course, the point of this article is selling used laptop online. Nevertheless, to sell something, you should buy something first.

Want to Buy Laptop

 The hot question is Where to buy laptop?

In the Shop

You can check and touch every concrete laptop sample. It is important to see the goods on your own eyes. Of course, there is always a chance to see the picture online. Sometimes, it is not enough. It is much better to check everything with your own eyes. Think about guaranty. Usually, buying laptop in the shop, you get the manufacturer warranty. All the rest is not your problem.

In the Web

Speaking about online shops and notice boards, the choice is wide. Do you like having a big choice? It can be a problem to define! The prices are lower than in the shop. Nevertheless, you buy a cat in the bag anywise. Reading information in the catalogue, you cannot see all defects and other hidden moments of the proposed device. If the price difference in not big, it is better to buy it in the shop. There is one more variant: you can choose the best laptop model in the shop and find the same machine online. Try to cooperate just with online companies you can trust to.

I’m Still Hesitating…

If you have some doubts about one or another laptop model, try to find more information in order to buy it or refuse. Do not trust to negative feedbacks. Buying a laptop, you will write a feedback only if your machine works badly. If it is ok, there is nothing to say. You should remember that posting feedbacks is also a popular business. So, try to contact to real people, or reliable companies to get the full description to make your own opinion.

We do not live in the perfect world. There are many things that are also not perfect. You can find a lot of positive and negative moments for one or another thing. So, looking for the best of the best laptop, you waste time. Choosing the most expensive laptop model, be ready to find out something unexpected (inconvenient keyboard, fingerprints box, too bright indicators, too quiet sounds, bad Wi-Fi, not reliable construction and others). Try to find the optimal variant according to your priority.

I Do Not Have Time to Waste

If you do not have time to waste, try to follow one on these two simple rules.

The first variant: think about your friends and relatives. If they are strong in technic, you may ask for consultation. Do not trust to managers in the shop, or online specialists. Their job is selling. Of course, they are good people, but most of them prefer the variant the more-the better. They are interested to sell goods. Think about it. To buy laptop, you should realize why you need it.

The second variant: follow your intuition and choose what you like the best. For example, you are offered to buy Asus for 300-900 у.е., Intel i3, i5 or i7 (if you want fast and comfortable work and playing games from time to time); or Intel Celeron/Pentium (if you want to feel comfortable in the Internet and simple games) Obviously, the higher price is, the more reliable construction seems to be. Of course, having good intuition is not enough. You may try to get the full laptop estimate online. There is nothing better than using online services for making true price for your machine according to its technical characteristics.

selling used laptop onlineYour Choice is Used Laptops

It can happen that you prefer to buy used laptops to work or study. People do not want to spend money for new expensive models. Otherwise, after you bought a new mobile computer you have a question of selling used laptop online. To simple the process of selling-buying used laptops, it is better to input your problem to someone professional and competent. There are many online services, ready to buy your used laptop of any condition.

Do you think it is rather strange to buy used stuff? Nevertheless, do not make fast conclusions. If you want to buy laptop for office work or working at home, for playing games and watching movie – why do not you save money? You can save money and buy more powerful used laptop model. It is worth thinking.

There is another variant: you may use eBay or other online services to sell your laptop privately. It is not always a good result. Professional assistance is what you really need. They have special space for it.

What About Pricing?

What is the price for your gadget? Selling used laptop online is impossible without pricing. Using pricing services online and looking through the numerous private announces you have a chance to make a real price for your gadget, whenever you sell or buy it. Of course, much depends on your gadget characteristics: component parts, manufacturers, laptop brand and model. Solve your trade problems by comparing prices.

Selling Used Laptop Online

Having a strong decision of selling used laptop, make sure that you are right. Do not think that just cheap laptops are worth trading. As it was told before, people try to buy used machine for the price of new laptop of the same model. They do it because they want to buy more powerful used computer instead of new, but weak. Trading laptops is not always fast and easy. Selling used laptop privately, you need some time to find client. It can happen that people take their posts back, hopelessly and angry. They are absolutely wrong. There is always a buyer for your goods. Just be patient!

So, looking for attractive post or wishing to sell your used friend online, welcome to the professional companies. You can meet all available services, pricing offers, clients’ feedbacks. Do you have anything for sale? Act now!