Fix or Sell Broken Laptop

Just pretend the worst. Your laptop, your best partner is broken now. Of course, you may spend long hours crying and dreaming about a new gadget. What can you do to manage the situation clearly? Actually, there are two possible variants. You can fix or sell broken laptop. The dilemma is whether you can sell or fix it. What can you do with a laptop whose liferun wasn’t long?


If your laptop is broken, the first thing that comes to your mind is fixing it. Obviously, you need to weigh your options first and decide if it makes sense to fix it. Any machine can be fixed, but for what price? Is your laptop worth wasting money for fixing? Thus, your broken MacBook laptop repair is usually really pricey. The Apple parts are expensive. Even used or broken parts have never been cheap. What to make sure? Just do simple and use internet trade platforms to check the price. The next step is professional consultation. If you are not a laptop master, you cannot repair your device with no special knowledge and instruments. Ask your consultant about it.


The biggest problem to fix your laptop can be cracked motherboard or broken display. This is the situation when you’d better to buy a new one. The price for motherboard or display reparation can be the half of the price for a new item. The game is not worth money. If your laptop needs something else, it’s probably realistic to fix it. How could you know? There is a way out. You could pay for a professional repair service to solve your problem. Hopefully, the cost for reparation cannot be higher than the actual value of your machine. If you can’t afford a new one, or simply don’t want to spend money unnecessarily, you can often fix the problem yourself. If you can understand what is broken and what needs replacement, just try to follow these steps:

Buy replacement parts from the internet

You can do differently. There are many ways to find a good replacement for your laptop. The first one needs to call the manufacturer and buy the needed detail from him. It’s simple. You’ll definitely know that you’ll buy right detail for your concrete machine. That’s great! What is the manufacturer cannot help you? What if your old laptop is out of date now? You cannot find the details from the manufacturer website! There is a chance to buy proper elements from the internet. You can buy something cheap or not really from Newegg, Amazon, Craigslist or eBay. Alternatively, if you’ve got a Mac you can turn to the iFixIt parts store. If you could find the needed parts, the question about to fix or sell broken laptop can be solved as fixing it.

Follow the guide how to replace the part

If you know nothing about fixing laptops, you chances to replace the laptop details are zero. Nevertheless, you can try. If you need to replace a hard drive or a stick of RAM, your chances are high. This is because RAM and hard drives are the easy parts to replace. If you need to do more complex processes, you’d better to follow the guide. You can easily find the best one on the web. Just is do a web search for “repair guide” and the name of your laptop model. There’s always a chance one of your fellow internet citizens has posted some form of assistance.

If you don’t want to spend money for reparation or feel weak to manage the situation properly, try to visit special service to get professional assistance. Hopefully, professional team can help your machine to live long.


If you can clearly see that your broken laptop is hopeless to repair, you still can sell it. Don’t be surprised! Yes, your machine is dead, but it can be an organ donor. If you cannot decide to fix or sell broken laptop, you can sell it for details and spend no time for that. It can be done in different ways. If you want to make more money from your machine, try to sell your laptop by parts on your own. Just use any of internet trade platforms to sell the laptop elements one by one for the price you like. This, if the hard drive, optical drive, RAM, and display still work, people can pay good money for them. All these details can be useful for another old computer that needs to be boosted. Why not?

The problem is, you can wait for long. If you don’t want to wait, again, try to sell your laptop for recycling to one of local services. You can also sell laptop by parts to the same service. Want to know the price you can get for your dead machine? Craigslist or eBay can help you.


If you can’t fix your laptop and don’t want to sell it for parts, there are many DIY projects that can help you to make something new and highly functional from your machine. Of course, it is possible if you know what is what in your laptop. Many interesting ideas and guides about how to implement them all into life can be found in the internet. Just follow them step by step.

For example, if your laptop trackpad, keyboard, and/or display are broken, you still have a lot of options. For starters, these handicapped machines make great network-attached storage devices for downloading and serving files on your network. The working display can be used as a touchscreen tablet. You could even mount the laptop on the wall or under a cabinet to make a display of it. You can make something interesting and creative. Just spend some time. So, do you want to fix or sell broken laptop? Think about it! Time is not your helper now. Any used or broken machine becomes cheaper with every new day.

Meet Your Horse Sense – Sell Broken Laptop

Meet Your Horse Sense - Sell Broken LaptopOften and often, asking for reparation of your laptop, you think of its approximate cost: is it really needful? May be, it is better to buy a new gadget. Sometimes, that is the idea! If your laptop is more than 5 years old, and it was carelessly watered or burnt, it is most probably better to buy a new device than wasting money for expensive reparations. Here is the question: where to sell broken laptop? Who stands to profit from it?

Look around! There are many service centers that are gladly offer to buy your old or broken equipment for details. They buy your laptops of any condition because of only one reason for it: they consider this service to be more than comfortable for people. You, as a potential client, do not have to think of where to sell broken laptop and how much it costs. As a general rule, these services propose you to get a prizable award for your nonworking devices. Factoring in this sum, you have a chance to buy another laptop, new or used, as you wish. Assumed that you will take a good care of your new devise, there is always a chance that it will be true to your salt for a long time.

Losing battle

Of course, there are numbers of serious damages, when laptops reparation is mostly considered to be useless, economically meaningless. These damages include:

Cracking or fall from height: it usually leads to the corpus breakage, motherboard, and hard drive damages or all above-named at once.

Watering your machine with liquids of various applications: water, tea, coffee, juice – they bring out your laptop from operation in the majority of cases. Moreover, liquids that are inside of your laptop start the processes of corrosion of all contacts and boards. Obviously, at an early date, it leads to serious laptop damages and defects.

Burnout of your laptop details – ill-timed cleaning, overheating leads to burnout of the north bridge. The price of it makes the half (may be more) of the full laptop primary price.

Braking elements that are difficult to renew or replace – it can happen that most of details are out of production or costs stinking mint of money. That is why, cracked motherboard or broken corpus of such a rare machine leads to sad demise: it is not rational to assume that you can repair it in the best way. This is the case, when selling is better than repairing.

Rational sale

Selling your laptop to one or another service company, you can get a mass of following advantages:

  • Operative capability – as a rule, service companies make a quick payment. So, you can get money for your laptop at the first onset. It is really convenient for all busy people to make a deal on short notice. This is much better than wasting time for writing selling posts online and waiting for your client.
  • Real price- professional specialists put a price for your broken laptop, taking into account its real characteristics and working condition at the moment.
  • A nice try to change your old broken machine to a new or used sample in a good working condition – exchange service is always available.

Remember that selling laptop for details is not only profitable, but noble action. All working details from you portative computer can be used for reparation of other laptops, bringing them back to life.

Sell broken laptop, iPhone, and tablet

Is your laptop broken? Do you think it is really profitable to repair it? For example, you dropped your device from the high floor and there is no hope for you to reanimate it. You can sell broken laptop for details to any workshop in your city. Special services buy all broken laptops of all types and brands, old, new or hopelessly broken. Here are numbers of popular questions that you usually put for making a right decision: to sell or not to sell.

Sell Broken LaptopHow much is it?

The price for your old or broken machine is usually influenced by many factors, like year made, component parts, external state, class of defects, and consequences of unskilled repairs. However, the more broken details your laptop has, the lower price for it may be.

Surprising diagnostics

Selling your laptop, you can be surprised: the condition of your technic may be not fully hopeless. It can often happen that the only trouble of your machine is broken operating system. This problem can be solved easily for an hour. You are welcome! This is what you call “the wonders of science”. Anyway, diagnostics can help to set the record straight.

Restore information for free

There is one more, little, but pleasant bonus – if you decided to sell broken laptop with a working hard drive, professionals can help to save your working information and install it for free.

How to sell broken iPhone or iPad?

In general, you have a chance to sell all your gadgets as surely as your laptop. Just bring your device to the company office to make a price for it. Actually, it does not matter what you have, Samsung, Asus, Lenovo, Acer tablets, Apple iPad, iMac or iMac mini – the price depends on technical characteristics of your gadgets.

If you are in a hurry

If you are busy person, having no time for waiting clients – bring your laptop to the service center and get cash for it immediately. If you do not have 15 minutes to wait for diagnostics results, you can leave your gadget and get cash in whatever manner it thinks fit.

Try to sell your laptop. There are many special services, which are always ready to buy your used equipment. They can give a new life to your technic. If your laptop is hopelessly broken, it does not mean that it is useless. It can help other people to repair their broken machines. Service companies cannot be stopped from working on meeting clients’ desires to the full. So, start solving your problem from your horse sense.

My Laptop Broken Facilities

my laptop broken Handling the problem of the laptop technical support, we face the wrong description of your laptop defects. What is more, this is the destiny not only for those people, who know nothing about technic, but for all the rest. Of course, reading this article, you think that there is no sense to explain the essentials. The main thing is not to forget this information, when you have to explain everything to manager from the nearest service center.

Good diagnostics is a half of the battle

You can make the repairs procedure easier by explaining, what is wrong with your laptop correctly. Let’s not run ahead and look over two life examples:

If you say that you cannot switch on your laptop or it is difficult to load it – these are two different problems, but not one. The second defect must be well explained: which program you cannot load and what system.

If it is difficult to charge a battery and your laptop is out of the line supply – these are also different defects, confusing people very often. It is time to speak about the most popular laptop defects and find out, what are the differences between them. So, let’s start from the beginning.

You cannot switch on your laptopl

This phrase means just one thing – your PC is without responding to switch on button. If your laptop is switched off, the battery indicator can be passive or active. The fact is important to be mentioned here.

There are many reasons for that:

  • Power block is out of order;
  • There is no connection between the laptop connectors and power block;
  • There is a problem in the inner power block on the mother board;
  • Short circuit.


This term means the following: when you hold down the power button, the cooler starts shifting and does not stop, all main indicators are active but the laptop display does not work. Nothing happens. There are many variations of this situation, but the key points are the cooler active work, and broken image.

There are some reasons for that:

Laptop reloading

It is difficult to describe each concrete situation. All possible reasons are the following:

  • South bridge overheating;
  • Processor is overheated because of a dirt cooler or broken radiator;
  • The absence of a power supply.

Hdd failed loading

Do not be confused. This situation differs from the operative system failed loading. Hdd defect appears in the situation of a dark screen, sending the simple message that the disk is out of system.

The reasons of this laptop defects can be:

  • Hard disk drive;
  • Laptop south bridge.


The first variant is mostly popular. There are many reasons, leading to Hdd defects: starting with the connector problems, sockets stucking, and broken blocks. Definitely, the methods to solve each of these problems are different.

No loading the Operative System

It can happen because of the computer viruses, or OS bugs. More often than not, all is needed is to reset your Operative System.

There is no power-line supply

This defect is the analogous situation with “My laptop broken! I cannot switch it on”. It is clear that in this case the laptop battery is out of order.

The most popular reasons of it are:

  • Big problems with a laptop power supply module;
  • Problems with the laptop inner power module;
  • Laptop battery is out of charge.

Laptop accumulator is out of charge

The possible reasons of it are:

  • Broken battery;
  • Problems with the laptop inner line adapter;
  • Low power of the laptop external power pack.


Attention: the battery of your machine can be still in a good working condition, but your laptop Operative System cannot see it. It is not a full list of possible Laptop defects. These are the most popular of them. If you know, what is wrong with your machine, you can decide whether it is profitable to repair it. From the other side, you can always check yourself and get a competent consultation.

My laptop broken facilitiesNo repairs of your broken laptop

 As a rule, your simple wish to buy a new cool laptop can be broken out of a hard reality. – “What am I going to do with my laptop broken situation?” If you want to buy your used or overused machine in the best way, LaptopNuts is ready to help you. We can buy your equipment, giving you a chance to sell your broken laptop and get cash for a new cool model that you always dream about.

Our company is a big specialist in buying-up your laptops for an adequate price and favorable terms. As the result of our cooperation you will get cash, which is much bigger than somewhere else. We are ready to buy your technic in any working or non-working condition. The long-term experience let us make a good and true price of your technic fast and correctly. You can get a phone or online consultation, as you wish. If you know nothing about your laptop model and possible defects, our experts will help you to make sense of it all. You can get cash immediately, after the testing procedure is finished. It can last about 1-2 hours from a couple of days.

It can happen that there is no sense to repair your broken laptop. It is really dead. For example, the laptop that I bought 2 years ago for $1000 is broken now. If I take it to be well examined and repaired in the nearest service center, the manager can surprise me with the high price for each of the details I have to renew. The price for my laptop reparation can be about the half of its primary price. We suppose that it is absolutely useless! The model of my old laptop is out-of-date. That is why it is more reasonable to buy a new laptop model. The informational technologies cannot stop you from using them to the max. Your device can be sold for details without any efforts. Everything is safe and confident!

Should I Sell My Broken Laptop?

Sell broken laptopLaptop is a very important part of people’s life. It is very difficult to imagine that you have no opportunity to watch your favorite film in the evening, look through the daily news or play game. Actually, the laptop gives a lot of possibilities. Its size and accumulator give a guarantee of the full autonomy. If you are a programmer, designer or architect, you have a chance to work on your project anywhere. You can take your portative device to the park or beach. It is no surprising that your laptop gets out of order very often. Sometimes, it happens because of your careless. The broken display and cracked corpus are the most popular mechanic incidents. Fortunately, if you are good technician, it is not difficult to reanimate your laptop.

Laptop construction set

Before throwing out your old laptop, you need to find the right position according to your desired new model that you want to buy. Is it really worth your money? It happens that your new laptop has an equal power with your old device, upgraded and renewed. Your laptop is a construction set that can be easily taken to pieces. This is not bad idea to sell you broken laptop by parts. From the other side – this is an additional busy work. There is always risk that you cannot sell any of your details. The prices become lower day by day. That is why, before making a decision to sell your laptop by parts, you need to decide once for all whether it is worth doing.

Call your attention to the fact that your old laptop can work faster, if you could change the hard drive into a new storage element. It is enough to make your computer work faster. Think about it.

Repairs nuances

It is a pity, but there are many nuances you have to consider, repairing your broken laptop. The key point is choosing the good service center. One way or another, your repairs terms, quality, comfort and price much depend on it. Of course, there is a strong desire to name more than 10 characteristics that are usually considered to use for valuation the work quality. Anyway, the main thing you need is repair your laptop fast, qualitative and with minimum expenses. Your cooperation must be nice and polite at that.

If you want to repair your broken laptop and find a good service center – it does not matter, where it is situated. You should know that the best companies offer their services all over the country. The company office is easy to reach due to the free shipping services. You need to fill in the application form or contact manager at first. If you need a consultation – ask your questions to the experienced manager online. You should speak about your problem in details. This information helps to understand, what kind of repairs you need and the price of it. For example, if you need to change a hard drive, the price is usually fixed. If you do not know, what is happened with your PC, you can hear the price just after your laptop full diagnostic.

Shipping your laptop, do not forget to point out your problem and your contact information. The reparation term usually takes about 1 hour or 2-3 days, considering the shipping terms. As the result of this procedure you will get your technic in a good working condition with a minimum guarantee.

It sounds good! Where to find the best service center? Just use your friends’ advices or internet resources. Pay attention to the reputation of the chosen company. In this case, the best recommendation can be the length of experience: 5-10 years old companies are considered to be reliable. Nevertheless, the main value is qualified specialist. It is good, when service engineers are well-trained specialists. They can listen and speak about your problem clearly.

Should I sell my broken laptopSelling your broken laptop for details

If your laptop is broken, and you want to buy a new model, do not put it away for later. If you do not know, what to do with your broken device, continue reading! We will speak about the most favorable ways to make away with your overused equipment.

It often happens that your broken laptop is beyond repair, or there is no sense to pay for it. For example, my laptop that I bought a couple years ago for 2 000$ is out of order. Should I sell my broken laptop, or repair it? When I took my laptop to be well-examined by the professional experts, I heard the price about 300$ just for details. Finally, the total price was the half of my laptop nominal value. I suppose that it was not desirable. The model of my laptop was not new. That is why it was much cheaper to buy a new laptop than spend money for reparation. You know, informational technologies develop fast. It means that it is useless to spend money for out-of-date technic.

What to do with your old PC, when repair is useless? There is way out! – Sell your laptop for details to LaptopNuts. We can buy your PC for details and help you to save all your personal information on it.

What is the procedure? For what price can you expect? First of all, call us and inform about the following:

  • Your laptop model and working ability;
  • Defects;
  • Previous repairs.

Send your laptop to our office. We can inform you about the final price we can pay for it.

The life situations are different. Should I sell my broken laptop, mobile phone, tablet, netbook or TV? There is one right answer. Yes, I should sell everything that is powdering in my home. I can take my broken equipment to LaptopNuts and get cash for it. This is a good chance for other people to repair their computers with the help of your details. This is also a good chance to get some money for something new, pushing the budget over its prescribed limits. Let your dreams come true!